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Contact - Chris Franklin: Contact for Rescue animals, animal care, group visits, talks, social media 07 816 816 125

Kara Robertson: Contact for press, media, photographs, social media shoutouts 

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Helie Franklin. Contact for school placements, school visits, DofE, care home visits, volunteers
mobile  07 837 568 699   Evenings 01380 723698

Chris Franklin: Contact for Rescue animals, animal care, group visits, talks, social media 07 816 816 125
Kara Robertson: Contact for press, media, photographs, social media shoutouts 

For a media or interview contact   Kara email -  
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The current COVID-19 situation has had a great deal of impact on the amount of support the Caenhill Countryside Centre has received or been able to link with.

Please call to arrange a visit and follow our COVID-19 rules when entering the farm. 

school visits

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Children often ask questions about areas of their life.

Children have curious minds. Do they know the answer to- where their food comes from?

The reply is often "The supermarket!"

Getting children outdoors and letting them experience a real farm and being able to do some fun and learning activities will reconnect them with where food comes from. They will have an enjoyable experience and lasting memories. Our aim is for all pupils to engage with the outdoors. Connecting with nature can improve the sense and well being of children and young people.  

Learning outside has increased health benefits, can open up many more subject areas and improve the attention time of many students. 

Maybe you are  a teacher who wants their students to explore the outside and break free from the classroom of conventional learning, here we can support the most practical outdoor activities you can expose your students to. Not only do these make learning fun, it also motivates them to become lifelong learners.

Our Countryside Centre works with teachers to help schools to get the most from their visit.

It is possible to set up regular links to learn and experience the natural cycles throughout the year.

A team member from CaenhillCC can give time to prepare with a Skype/ FaceTime / Zoom chat for about 10 minutes prior to the visit.

It can also be arranged to have short link sessions on a monthly basis - Farmer to the Class. You can see the crops grow, the animals grow, the seasons change.

Workshop activities can include-

Fields and Crops and growing areas - helping with their management

Animals- their food, bedding, pens, treats

Foraging- what can you find in the fields and hedgerows

Nature walk - go from field to field and see what grows, is edible, is useful

Gardening - preparing areas, planting, growing, learning what is good for animals to eat

Photography - take a look at nature through the lens, learn how to capture those moments

Social Media - Capturing and sharing your time at the farm in the countryside

More information contact 

School Placements at Caenhill CC

Please note: We have not accepted school placement / education bookings since Mid-March ‘20. 

 By their very nature, these sessions require students and placements  to be in close proximity to one another.Placement sessions will  only resume when we are confident that they can happen safely and to the high standards that we set  for ourselves and our students. Please keep in touch / check the website/ contact us.

Our fun, hands-on learning sessions support the students to  deepen understanding of the countryside and encourage engagement with the outdoor  environment at Caenhill Countryside Centre.


Our placement sessions have a strong focus on learning activities in the great outdoors, and take place in close proximity to animal enclosures fields and growing areas  that bring the skills and learning to life. 

.  Secondary school placements, Post 16 and Post Education young people, of all ages benefit from the time they spend with us where they can  learn about aspects of farming and the countryside.

We have been providing alternative educational provision on the farm for many years.  We have  helped  pupils who:

  • Show an interest in careers working on the land or in the farming industry
    •     Can be difficult to reach and not thriving in school environment
    •       have learning or behavioural problems / issues 
    •       have autism or Aspergers
    •       are non-attenders

At Caenhill CC we  provide half day and full day work sessions for students in Secondary Education from Monday - Friday, during term time, throughout the academic year.

 We also offer half day and full day sessions for adults with special needs, in Supported Living, all year round. Prices are agreed with the client. 

The full work day session is from 9.30am - 2.30pm 

Half day sessions are from 9.30am - 12pm/12.30pm or 1. pm -

An initial assessment interview is carried out prior to the start of the placement to ensure we provide a unique experience tailored to the individual's needs. Every client is monitored and assessed throughout their time here, 

The placement of TAs, Carers, Support Workers can and will be accepted for those needing this support. Our project is not able to offer 1-2-1 support. 

Each placement at the project will be expected to pay for their time here.

Contact to discuss your needs/ issues/ student times. 





Goose morning we have rain. Happy geese and farmer #goosemorning #gigglethegoose @caro_painter


Our little salt bantam has new chicks which turned up before rush hour #bantamchicks #chicks


Greetings and good morning it’s Friday rush hour #rushhour #farmrushhour @caro_painter


09 August 2020
I know I don't normally start with the biggest news, but this is too huge to wait. Chris left the farm. That's right, our one and only Chatty Farmer stepped away from the farm and on more than one occasion too. Not only has Ch...
02 August 2020
What a week it's been at the farm, an amazing week to mark the first anniversary of the farm rush hour going viral. It's been a busy year since Rachel Thompson shared the farm story on Mashable, we're so pleased that she fo...


Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Special treats for Rodney & Del thank you Sainsbury’s Devizes for supporting our charity #rodneyanddel #sainsburys @sainsburys
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Evening crow from Ken who wants to know the time with you? #kentherooster #eveningcrow #whatsthetime
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Violet, Bea and Benedict enjoying the outdoors #violetthecat #beathecat #benedictthegoose #cutekittens

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