The farm was under the estate of Lord Weymouth for many years.

Records show that in 1841 mud huts were used by farm laborers on the farm.

In 1897 the farm cottage was considered unfit to live in and a new farm house was built with the old cottage used as a store.

When the Council took over the farm in 1950's the farm cottage was seen fit and the farm was split into two holdings. Holding 1 & 2

The first farmers of holding one was Mr Butler and holding two Mr Merritt.

In 1959 Mr Kenneth Henry Franklin took over the lease of the farm. He was one of ten who was brought up on South farm, All Cannings.

In 1968 Mr Butler retired from farming and the two farms became one with Mr Franklin moving to the main farm house.

In 2002 Mr Franklin retired from farming due to poor health. The farm house and a filed was sold.

The project will keep the memory of previous tenants and neighbouring farmers alive and the fields are named after previous tenants.

We will bring you images, video and stories of farming at Marsh Farm and give people an opportunity to experience farming practices passed down the generations.


hay making in 1960sSouth FarmSteers at farm 1984the farm yead in 1960s