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Manic Monday

Farmer Casey

It's been so busy this week supporting the farm and keeping my toddler entertained without our usual classes that I'm a bit delayed in writing this. But I didn't want to miss the chance to talk about one of the busiest days I've had at the farm in a while.

It feels really strange to say that it's busy at the farm with so many people at various stages of lockdown but life at the farm doesn't stop, our animals still need to be fed and cared for. Casey and I are doing what we can to support the farm work at this difficult time and reviewing things as we go along.

We were last helping with the farm work on Monday, and what a day it was, I was about ready for bed at dinner time. With so many baby animals, some new arrivals, fields drying up and a limited number of volunteers there's such a list of things to do.

Casey really loves farm life and is so good at getting stuck into the work, and I think he has a new favourite job at the farm. The chicken feeding might just be taking second place to feeding our new rescue rabbits and guinea pigs. I'm really not going to complain, any excuse to cuddle one of our four rescue guinea pigs is good with me.

As I mentioned, our fields are finally starting to dry out from a very wet winter where all of our animals had to be taken into the dry. But now the sun is shining and the grass is growing we really need to work on getting everyone outside, they not only enjoy it, it can decrease food costs too.

Our first animals to get out and have a good run around were Coco and Eli and Caroline and I were lucky enough to lead them out to their paddock for the first time on Monday. Considering they've been in their winter residence for five months they were really relaxed to begin with, we couldn't believe it. After a few minutes they realised they were free to run and it was worth waiting for, to see them run, jump and roll was fantastic, you really should watch the video if you get chance.

We've also got some great things to share with you coming up, so keep a look out on our social media for the story of Cuthbert, lots of baby animals and hopefully a bit of fun. If there's anything you'd like to know or see please do get in touch and don't forget we're still taking shout out requests.

Until next time.

Kara and Casey

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Have you met our rescue rabbits and guinea pigs?

We don't often bring domestic pets into our care at CaenhillCC, part of the reason for this is funding, it's important that all of our animals are well cared for. Though I suspect another reason behind this is to stop me from taking all of the animals home. I'm a real softie when it comes to animals and until recently I've always had pet, animals are just great company really aren't they.

Despite this, Chris was contacted in the week to see if we could take in some rabbits and guinea pigs in need of a new home and I'm so happy to say that on this occasion we were able to help. Like I said, that's not always the case but we do what we can to ensure animals are looked after. So earlier this week we welcomed four rabbits (two male and two female) and four female guinea pigs to the farm.

I think it's safe to say that I was more excited about the new arrivals than the rest of the team, I honestly couldn't wait to meet them all. But we're obviously limiting farm visits for now to help the team keep safe, so I waited for the weather to dry up, our student placements to stop and some work that we could help with. There's lots to do now we don't have our students so we're utilising a small team of volunteers.

I definitely love our new arrivals and we'll be sharing them with you through the wonderful world of social media over the coming days and weeks, I really hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do. Hopefully they will inspire Caroline for a painting or two as well, so keep a look out, and I'll be taking plenty of photos too.

Lastly, thank you for your wonderful name suggestions too, it was a difficult job to choose from so many suggestions but Marshmallow, Liquorice, Cinnamon and Butterscotch were selected by our guinea pigs and the rabbits have almost finished selecting their names too.

Kara and Casey

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Be a virtual VIP visitor

Last weekend I took the opportunity to join one of our VIP visitors at CaenhillCC while Chris took a well-deserved break from the farm. To be able to welcome people like you who follow the farm, support us and keep us motivated is so much fun, plus it's a great opportunity to share out the farm work a little more The whole farm team has been looking forward to welcoming even more visitors, especially with so many baby animals for you to meet. We just weren't expecting that not long after we launched our visits there would be so much uncertainty across the world with the spread of COVID-19.The farm doesn't stop for anything though, animals still need to be fed and we still have a some of our student placements. During one of our team meetings we began to think about how lucky we are that our days are staying relatively normal and we began to think about you, our followers at home and those of you who've been really interested in visiting.This led us to an idea (you wouldn't believe the number of ideas we get at the farm) which we knew we had to follow-up on. So we're now offering Virtual VIP Visits to the CaenhillCC farm. Yep, you can join us from the warmth and safety of your own home for a walk around our farm, we'll even let you join us to feed the lambs or open the rush hour door, how exciting is that.I really hope you like this idea and we look forward to meeting you soon whether we can welcome you in person, or virtually. Contact for more details

Kara and Casey 

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Help from Kara and Casey

kid goats at play

Always good to have help from daughter Kara and Grandson Casey . Duties today include feeding the lambs, the kids and the chickens.
It was also good to have Paul Jupp from Meadow in my Garden to talk about our spring planting of wild flowers and sunflowers

More on twitter

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Wednesday podcast

Artist Name - Audio_02_19_2020_15_20_55 4.mp3

Wednesday podcast by Chris and Caroline  

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Triplet kids born today

An exciting day at the farm as our first kid goats were born. The mother clover who is five years old and she had triplets, all boys who are doing well.  Well done to our student Oliver who noticed the kids being born and helped out especially the one that was breach. 







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In memory of my mum

17th February is my mum's birthday, sadly no longer with us but her spirit lives on as does her passion for animals with me. Mum (Coral Franklin nee Cave) moved to the farm with my dad in 1959 and loved the farm though she did get upset whenever an animal left the farm for market. She loved her dogs and a great passion for cats. Always a smart lady and she would be proud what we are doing to help young people and animals at the farm now. 

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Charity Calendars 2018

You can now buy our animal A4 calendar from ebay

To help raise funds to support our charity we are pleased to announce that we have two  2019 calendars for sale Our Animals and our Back to Nature calendar
Our animal calendar features seasonal photos of our animals many you will know like Marlene, Widget & Lucky . Also each month information of how you can help the project.
Our Back to Nature features supporters of the charity baring all, well bare shoulders in very tasteful shots. 
The Animal calendars are £8 for A4 & £10 for A3
The Back to nature A4 £8
You can buy two A4 calendars for £15
You can purchase your calendar from one of the team, Devizes The giving Tree or from the farm. Please contact for more information.
Thanks to everyone who help with the calendars and already started helping with our 2020 calendar.












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Melksham Family Learning Festival programme 2018

IMG8075We are pleased to be part of Melksham Family Learning Festival programme 2018. Sunday 28th October – 10.30 – 2.00pm

Come along for free to our rural learning centre and take part in some outdoor activities.

You can meet and feed the animals, have a tractor ride, do some farm foraging and try some rural craft, plant poppies, wild flowers, try mangold hurling and lots more. Please book in to make sure you have a place. Email: or call: 07837 568699

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Mangold Hurling Championship 2019

IMG8836This April we were asked by Martin one of our volunteers if we could grow mangolds at the farm. We welcome ideas from our volunteers and this idea like the mangold grew and grew. Martin suggested a mangold hurling competition just after harvest.

Mangold hurling has been a tradition in England for centuries so we thought it was time to bring it back to the farm with our own UK championship to raise awareness for a crop that is a great feed for animals and easy to grow

Some fodder beet (mangold) facts in German they are called Futterrübe, Dutch its oederbiet. They are okay left in the ground but temperatures of - 5°C or lower will damage them. Best harvested and kept in a clamp. You can produce around 24 tonnes per acre and are amongst the largest consumers of CO2; they also release the highest amounts of O2.

SO on 20 October 2019 we held the mangold hurling championship.

The day before our willow (one of our mangolds maidens) picked the largest mangold, our target mangold called a norman. Our fair maiden then bathed and brushed the large mangold (norman) with her special waters.

On the day our young people, dotty club pulled our wagon with the maiden queen sat on top with the norman mangold.

In the morning the mangolds are harvester by pulling by the leaves led by the master of the mangolds called Lobber. The wagon is then pulled back to the yard ready for the contestants .

In the afternoon the dancing maidens lead the wagon with the mangold queen sat on it with the contestants pulling the wagon.

Once in the arena the norman is placed on its willow basket while the Lobber reads out the rules. The mangold song is sang to the music of green sleeves and a battle cry is read out from Henry V as the contestants give a mass hurl to start the competition.

The objective is to throw the norman on to the pitch a suitable distance. You then throw your mangold by holding the leaves to get as close to the norman as possible. To find the winner the willow uses her stick to see who is closest with distance measured from the root end. Numerous rounds are carried out and each winner (up to six) go into the final.

The six finalist play knockout and each round the furthest away drops out until two are left for the final hurl. Then in a best of three the winner is found to be the Mangold King or in our event Queen. In tradition the Mangold Kind wins the maiden but in our version it was a bottle of wine.

It was a great first event and £121 raised for the charity.

Next years mangolds hurling event will be on the 4 October. If you would help grow mangolds and other crops at the farm please get in touch.

Of course the mangolds will be used as feed for the animals and in some cases for the volunteers.

Mangold hurling 2018 fundraiser at caenhillcc


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Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Good night from Cuthbert and my animal team thanks for your kind words. To see Caroline & I check out @Chattyfarmercc see you at rush hour #cuthbertthegoose #goodnight #staysafe @caro_painter
Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Hay time and the adventures of Tik the kid goat #tikthekidgoat #cows #hayfeeding
Caenhill CC

Caenhill CC

Patrick settling in well though Wilson seems to have her moment of fame #patricktherooster #wilsonthecat #farmstory @caro_painter


Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Goose evening, sweet dreams, keep safe see you at rush hour #gooseevening #cuthbertthegoose
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Our lamb called Bob who says hay, hay, milk #bobthelamb #animalfuntime‬
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Smudge & Catoline hard at work, thanks Caroline, Helie & John & Clare for your help with animal care in difficult times #smudgethecat #catoline @caroline.le.bourgeois

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