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Covid update - Due to latest Lockdown we are unable to give farm visit. 

Contact - Chris Franklin: Contact for Rescue animals, animal care, group visits, talks, social media 07 816 816 125

Kara Robertson: Contact for press, media, photographs, social media shoutouts 
Helie Franklin. Contact for school placements, school visits, DofE, care home visits, volunteering

mobile  07 837 568 699   Evenings 01380 723698

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For Anyone who wants to Learn a Few Facts about Chickens.

                              Chicken Breeds, Warren Chickens, Silkies, Wattles and Combs. Chicken Breeds In my quest to learn something about the chickens at Caenhill CC I thought I would investigate some of the different chicken breeds. This was when I discovered how ...
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An Introduction to Cherry Valley Ducks

As I like learning new things I really enjoyed researching the animal breeds in my previous blogs. I became curious about some of the other animal breeds at Caenhill CC and decided to write a little about three of them. The first is the Cherry Valley Duck. Cherry Valley Ducks The only Cherry Valley Duck Chris has that I know about is the lovely whi...
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Domestic Pigs

A little while ago Chris mentioned that he might consider getting some weaners if Marlene is not pregnant. Weaners are 6-10 week old pigs no longer feeding from their mother. He suggested that someone might like to find out about different breeds of pig in order to see if there was a particular type suited to life on the farm. It so happened that w...
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A Brief Introduction to Call Ducks

Call Ducks are the new members of the Caenhill CC team. At present they are in isolation and I am not sure how many there are but they will soon be adding to the animal magic of the farm. They are a small, or bantam, breed of Duck, apart from in Australia where they are bigger. They were originally known as Decoy Ducks because they were used to att...
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OREO - Extracts from an imagined diary.

Below are extracts from the diary of the newest member of the Caenhill Team. Here Oreo records his first week at the farm. Being a dog there may be a few errors in his timeline but hopefully he can be forgiven any slight mistakes. Saturday 26th September 2020 I left home with Kevin and was taken on a long car trip. Around lunchtime we arrived at a ...
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Muscovy Ducks - Photos

These should have been published with my previous blog but somehow were lost!
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Muscovy Ducks

I really enjoyed learning about Runner Ducks for my first blog so though I would research another breed. It was difficult to choose but finally decided to learn more about Muscovy Ducks as there are so many of them at Caenhill CC and thought they deserved some attention. There are no obvious individuals to pick out at the center. Of course there ar...
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The Changing of Seasons

If you look around you, you'll notice the change in the season and all the beauty it brings to the world. The leaves that change colors, the animals leaving for their yearly migration or the temperature getting cooler. I think my favorite season has to be autumn because of the colors, it's perfect for photography, especially if you time it right fo...
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A History of the Caen Hill Locks, Part 2

In 1926 after a loss of £18,041 the year before, the Great Western Railway sought to close the canal but they were instead charged with improving and maintaining the canal. The cargo trade continued to slow, but pleasure boats began using the canal. During the Second World War the Kennet and Avon Rivers became a second line of defense due to the po...
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Who's That Crazy Dutch Cat Lady?

Since this is my first blog for the Caenhill Countryside Centre website, I think I should first tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Noor, I'm 44 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I've been working as an administrative assistant at a special needs primary school for the past 20 years (time flies!). I've been in a long-distance rela...
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