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Who's That Crazy Dutch Cat Lady?

Since this is my first blog for the Caenhill Countryside Centre website, I think I should first tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Noor, I'm 44 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I've been working as an administrative assistant at a special needs primary school for the past 20 years (time flies!). I've been in a long-distance rela...
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My first Blog - Runner Ducks

The Runner Ducks are my favorite at Caenhill Countryside Centre. I'm not sure why. They are easy to pick out amongst the crowd and seeing them always makes me smile. Naming 'Smile' smile was an inspired idea. This is why I was interested to learn more about them and hopefully anyone reading this will enjoy finding out about them too. The informatio...
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A Short History of the Caen Hill Locks

It wasn't long after I started writing these blogs that I had the idea to write up a short history of the Caen Hill Locks and possibly even the farm. It actually wasn't long after I found CCC and read the very brief history that Chris had written on the website that I became interested. I haven't found much use for my history training since graduat...
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For The Love of Loons

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I live on a lake in Minnesota with my parents which gives us some great nature watching opportunities. In the 4 years we have lived here, it is difficult not to take up nature watching, especially birding as we are a stopover during the yearly migrations. In spring when the ice has melted just enough, the w...
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Capturing Moments In Time

A photograph can say a lot about who we are. It can also remind us of a cherished moment in time with a loved one. It can capture a moment of utter beauty in nature that we want to share with others. We can enjoy looking at photographs and taking the odd few on our phones, or we can decide to take the jump at buying a camera and doing both! As I've...
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That Which Brings Us Together

Hello, before I begin I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Sarah Buchholz and I live in the United States. Prior to the pandemic I spent the last 2 years traveling the Midwest region as a full time volunteer working with children and homebound elderly. I am a photographer and trained historian. ---- What is it about animals tha...
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Testing the tutorial

Testing testing
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Wednesday evening at the farm

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