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A Brief Introduction to Call Ducks

Call Ducks are the new members of the Caenhill CC team. At present they are in isolation and I am not sure how many there are but they will soon be adding to the animal magic of the farm.

They are a small, or bantam, breed of Duck, apart from in Australia where they are bigger. They were originally known as Decoy Ducks because they were used to attract wild ducks to an area where they would then be shot. Today they are mainly kept as pets and are recognized as having a very loud, high pitched call.

Their origin is believed to be from Asia but were introduced to other countries via Holland. The change of name from Decoy Duck to Call Duck apparently occurred in 1870 and comes from the Dutch word 'kooi' which means cage or trap.

Although Call Ducks are known to be quite feisty they are supposed to be easy to tame. They are good flyers and like Muscovy Ducks make very good mothers. They only lay one clutch of eggs a year but if the new Call Ducks at the farm contain both males and females this is probably a good job considering the ever increasing number of chicks and ducklings being hatched.

In a book called 'The Illustrated Guide to Duck and Geese' by Celia Lewis, they are described as cute with a round face and short bill. They come in many colours with seventeen varieties recognised by the British Wildfowl Association.

Hopfully when the new Caenhill CC Call Ducks are allowed out Kara will have an opportunity to post some photos. It is going to be very exciting to see what they look like and whether Caroline decides they deserve a place on her merchandise.


The Illustrated Guide to Duck and Geese by Celia Lewis (ISBN 978-1-4081-5264-5)





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