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A Year Without A Spring

  As we come out of what feels like a winter that never ended, even with the changing of the seasons, we begin to see hope. We are collectively coming out of hiding with a renewed sense of hope and joy as "normal" begins to unfold once again. The lives we once led have been changed for better or worse, but we have also learned to appreciate the little things like a smile or a hug. I know personally I have come to enjoy nature so much more than in the past, it's really been one of the few sources of "normal" this year. 

The seasons change, it gets cold it, gets warm, little ones are born, the leaves bloom, the leaves fall. The one constant in our lives, even if we don't see it happen every day, is that the sun rises and the sun sets and what happens between those events we do not know. Chris doesn't speak about it very often, but he lives by the mantra "every day could be your last" or as it is said in Latin Memento Mori. The last year has thrown at us the importance of living as if today will be your last, because you never know! It's one of the reasons why I volunteer and it's why I enjoy photography, you leave an impression on people in different ways and sometimes leave the world better off than it was before you started. 

Personally, volunteering was and still is a way to express my faith and I've added my photography to that expression. In some ways it's been the best and only expression of my faith during this, what many in my community have termed "the long lent". I know many of you may not be artistically inclined; maybe your way of expressing yourself is to write about your experiences or to just live in the moment and walk or cycle through nature. We all have our ways of living "in the moment", sometimes we don't know through what medium we enjoy it, and all we need to do is look. It could just be sitting in a room, in silence and meditating. It is finally time for spring to be upon us, time to shake off the dreariness and chill of winter. It's time for joy, it's time for a long overdue spring. Go enjoy a sunset or a walk, you never know what little joys it may bring.


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