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Duck dancing

Muscovy duck

If you are a regular follower of CaenhillCC on our social media channels you will have no doubt seen our ducks dancing. They don't quite have moves like John Travolta, but they do a pretty good job. But the question is, why do they dance?

No we aren't secretly playing music to them, it's actually because ducks are real flirts. Those sweet little head bobs are just like the head bobs of those we've seen trying to play it cool on nightclub dance floors. The tail shakes and feather ruffles are all a part of the flirting too, just like us, ducks like to make sure they are looking their best when they're flirting.

Most of the duck flirting comes from the males, and it's our muscovy males that you will have seen dancing. With a lot of our ducks being Muscovy's the competition is high and our ladies can afford to be picky. Of course all of our other breeds of ducks flirt too, just some of their moves are slightly different.

The ducks really do flirt a lot. They are super happy, and while ducks you'd see on rivers and lakes commonly wait for the warmth of Spring to breed, we tend to see ducklings all year round. Life on the farm is so good that we've even had a few residents fly in and join our flock over the years. Maybe it's Caroline's duck dance attracting them in.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey.

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It’s weather for ducks a wet end to September see you in October #weatherforducks #muscovyducks


Little Dorset doing so well, it’s a wet day so the hay barn is ideal for our little lamb #lambfeeding #dorsetthelamb @caro_painter


It’s crunch time with coco and Eli #cocoandeli #crunchtime


Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Special treats for Rodney & Del thank you Sainsbury’s Devizes for supporting our charity #rodneyanddel #sainsburys @sainsburys
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Evening crow from Ken who wants to know the time with you? #kentherooster #eveningcrow #whatsthetime
Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

Caenhillcc animals (caenhillcc)

‪Violet, Bea and Benedict enjoying the outdoors #violetthecat #beathecat #benedictthegoose #cutekittens

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