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Chris has an idea and I think Gizmo does too

Hello, I'm back, or if you are new to this blog, then welcome. It's the time of week when I get to catch you up on all of the antics at the farm, both human and animal. It used to be something I do weekly but I have a baby who doesn't like to sleep as much as I do and he's been Christened amoungst all the craziness, but I will get back to a routine. Thanks to everyone still reading all my blogs for sticking with me while I am still finding my feet.

I know I always say it, but it really is always busy at the farm and yes, it's been busy again. We've even picked up new followers (a big welcome to them all) and reached a lot of people thanks to a crazy video from Chris of our lovely Daisy the cow chasing Taz the emu. I can't say I've ever seen a cow chase an emu before but hey, at our farm, anything is possible. I know it's the sort of video that you need to see to believe, but it's even been on Radio 1 with DJ Gregg James. Thanks Gregg for sharing and giving me an excuse to get the radio on in the house again, yep, a radio really is for more than those times we're sat in a car.

Why were our cows out to be able to chase emus? Well, unfortunately we're getting back to that time of year when we need to find our thermal socks, raincoats and spend a bit more time indoors. It's not just us needing a bit of extra comfort though, some of our animals do too. There really aren't enough carrots to cheer up a certain donkey called Coco after being left out in the rain. So, while the weather has at least been warm enough, we're putting all of our efforts into setting up the barn for winter. We've been getting all of our students and volunteers involved and, as always, Chris has an idea.

We don't want the winter months to limit what we can share. The animals might be coming out of the rush hour door later, slower, or heading out into the rain, but we have plenty of characters to brighten even the most dull of days. So, we're making the barn an even more exciting space on the farm. We've got a new area for Coco and Eli putting them in centre stage, some new rescue rabbits adding some extra cute and fluffy into our rescue area and some amazing art work starting to appear. Thank you to everyone working hard to create this space, Claire for leading our teams through all the work, and Nicky for the beautiful sunflower backdrop appearing behind our goats.

Nicky isn't just great at painting walls, turns out she's pretty good with face paint too (I have a bit of a love for face paint so I'm sure we're going to get on pretty well) so she joined forces with Chris and myself last weekend for a bit of a Halloween special. I have no idea how our Halloween special looks, Chris might still be cringing at my confusion for how I should dance now, but at least we all looked the part. Keep an eye out for some Halloween specials coming your way over the next week including a fun live, and some crazy animals. I'll be sure to share some of our Halloween looks with you all too in my Caenhill_xtra accounts.

A hint of Halloween things to come with Bobby and me

Between looking after the animals, the setting up for the winter, dancing around in Halloween outfits and painting, we still need to keep the project running. We want to keep supporting students, educating young people, sharing positivity and of course looking after animals for a while yet. That's why we're always developing ways for you to get involved in the project and support us and our latest project has been a whole new shop. Our shop not only prints your orders as locally to yourself as it can, bringing down shipping times and costs, but it brings us a new range of products too. We've kicked things off with mugs and calendars ready for 2022, we've added clothes and even an amazing blanket and soon we'll have some children's clothes coming your way. Honestly, it's all looking fantastic. I might be a little jealous because I am slower than the talents of Loren and Caroline in putting items together, but I will be creating my own little range too. For now though, I've added a cat calendar to the mix so you can get a dose of our CaenhillCC cats all year round.

Since producing the latest calendar we've already had some potential stars for next year joining us at the farm. It's not really the time of year for baby animals, it's all getting a bit cold, but our animals seem so happy that they just keep breeding. It should all be slowing down now, but we've been happy to welcome some new bantam chicks, though Chris needed to help one little one hatch out with time in the incubator, all babies are back with their mum to be taken care of. We've had a new runner duck hatch with Farmer Casey lucky enough to both put the egg in the incubator and see it hatch. Being able to give children experiences like this is just what the farm is all about and seeing how happy following the process made Casey is exactly why I will always be there to support the farm however I can.

I say that our animals should be breeding less, but there's something in the air at the farm at the moment. Our emus have started mating, why they chose to wait until I was at the farm again I really don't know, but who knows, there could be emu eggs again before too long. It's only Rodney and Del mating for now with Taz and Chip still being a little too young, but it could get interesting in a year or two. Plus Bumblebee is looking like she'll have a lamb. It'll be our very first Bumblelamb, so we have no idea what she'll be like as a mum, but I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a straightforward lambing.

There's loads more going on which I will be able to tell you about in time, but for now I will leave it there with a promise of exciting things coming. Thank you to everyone for your support and, of course, the lovely Birthday messages and videos for Chris. He's had some great celebrations this year and still needs to cash in on a meal with me and my boys. He's one lucky farmer. 

Until next time, take care.

Kara, Casey, Dexter and Teddy


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