At last year's sunflower parade

Here at the farm we're super pleased to share with you that we've teamed up with Paul Jupp from Meadow in my Garden to get the nation growing. No, we're not asking you to devour your whole chocolate stash, you can't blame us for that one, we want to get you growing sunflowers.

If you followed the farm on social media last year, you'll know that sunflowers are a particular favourite of ours. Our sensory garden was full of sunflowers, we had a sunflower circle in our fields, a sunflower parade, and of course who could forget the talking sunflowers.

But what's the idea?

Well, we're aiming to get as many people as possible planting sunflowers over the next few weeks. Whether you have a garden, a balcony, or a window box, you can all join in. Once the seeds are planted we'll all be growing together. We can share progress and top growing tips while we stay safe at home and watch our flowers grow.

The exciting news is, that if you are in the UK or Europe you can get some sunflower seeds as a free gift from Meadow in my Garden. All you need to do is head to their website via this link, and either add the seeds to your basket along with any of the fantastic items on offer that you'd like to purchase, or send a self addressed envelope (to Meadow in my Garden).

What's the best bit?

Well, by planting your sunflower seeds over the next few weeks, your flowers should start to bloom around August to September. That's when (fingers and everything crossed) we hope we'll start to see some normality return to us. So as we hopefully start to see friends, family and get out into the world, we'll all be sharing the beauty of the sunflowers we grew together.

Though this is a national campaign, we'd really love for you to join in wherever you are, and don't forget to get your friends, family and even neighbours involved. We'd really love to see you out planting your seeds too, so please email me your pictures, or share them with us on social media and we'll be sure to share some of our favourites.

Let's make our streets as pretty as possible this August.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey.