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Journey Of A Lifetime: Final

I next would like to talk about chores and admin on the farm, at least the admin that I was able to see. If you really knew what you were doing, feeding and watering the animals could be done within 10-15 minutes give or take a few minutes. The couple times I fed the birds, I didn't fill the bucket myself, I left that up to Chris as I don't know who can and can't have certain foods. I had one day where I changed the water for the animals and since I had no idea where the spigot for the hose pipe was, I filled a watering can from the water trough next to Casey's Pond. Once feeding and watering is finished you move onto whatever needs doing. I personally painted one section of wall on The Naughty Pen, cleaned out the yard by Casey's Pond and helped Sarah clean out the yearling goat pen by taking the refuse straw to Poo Mountain, by the way Sarah is amazing but I genuinely could not understand a word she said half the time. On the behind the scenes side, I actually spent a lot of time in the office next to a small heater, the fire or outside taking pictures just to stay warm. I was genuinely convinced before I left home that I would be warm if i just layered up since it would be relatively mild, I was warm if I was moving around but the dampness of England took me a bit by surprise. If you've ever been waiting for a live to go out and Chris is late, I can tell you that it's not because he's forgotten. Chris's routine before a live is to plug in all 3 phones to charge a few hours beforehand, about 20 minutes before going live he will go into the food cabin to fill a bucket with fruit and veg. If someone hasn't turned up at the gate to drop something off he will then head over to the barn to feed the birds and get a bucket ready with feed for horace. I remember there was a day that I was sitting in the office as he was getting ready for an afternoon live, everyone else had left for the day and I suddenly heard someone yelling. I got up and stood next to the door because I had no idea what happened. About 2 or 3 minutes later Chris came back and I asked what happened. Apparently I had missed the fact that there had been music playing, so he asked Alexa to stop but she wouldn't listen and he eventually had to yell at her. The yelling I heard was "Alexa, stop. Alexa! ALEXA, SHUT UUUPPP!". So, if Chris is late for a live it's always possible he's having a one way shouting match with Alexa. Once that is all done it's time to unplug all the phones and set them up on the holder and it's time to go live. If you've watched the video I edited together of my visit, I used some clips from videos I took during a few lives and recordings of videos he's made. Yes, he is having fun and being silly but he is also looking around to make sure everything is alright. If there's an animal in distress but doesn't need immediate attention he won't put it on camera. He made the decision at one point to not spend a lot of time around Daisy because if she pushes the gate too much she will get out. I at one point was actually looking for higher ground in case she did push her way through. Thankfully, she was well behaved during my whole visit. I can't remember if it was my last afternoon live, but I remember we had gone out to see Horace and Chris gave me the cameras for a moment while he fed Horace. In the background is Oreo playing with a heavy block of wood, one he's been playing with most of the day. The yelp you hear is him dropping it on his paw which is why I point the cameras at Horace until Chris is sure Oreo is ok. It's not that you don't want Oreo to be seen, it's more the fact that even the slightest injury could cause someone during a live to be upset. Once a live comes to an end, it's time to finish the rounds and get the animals safe for the night, although now with lockdown due to bird flu the birds aren't going out anymore or shouldn't be at least. 

On the other side of behind the scenes is the admin that we don't get to see, but we do hear about to some degree at times. The best example is the new friends for Eli. Chris knew the importance of finding a friend for Eli after the loss of Coco and began the search for a new partner for Eli quickly and it really only took a matter of days before he had found the little fluff balls who will be joining us soon. However, I think the best secret of the farm that probably isn't a secret is the placement of Poo Mountain. On my last night on the farm I stood on poo mountain and watched the sun set, I actually had been up there a few times to watch the sun go down but my last night was special. It was a nice farewell even though the sunset really wasn't anything to write home about, but that wasn't the point. I only cared that some of the clouds cleared so I could see a sunset because the sun sets and then rises again. My time at the farm had set but one day I will come back, the sunset represents an ending but not one that lasts forever.  

Journey Of A Lifetime: Part 2

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