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Journey Of A Lifetime: Part 2

I think at this point I would like to move onto what you're all interested in, that being the farm and my experience. If I'm honest it wasn't as surreal as I thought it might be, I was quite overwhelmed though. I think what was more surreal for me was stepping off the train in Chippenham and meeting Dave, with some trouble finding my way across the tracks and then Michelle later when we made it to their lovely home. I had a chance to freshen up before we left for Devizes, which felt like such a dream! The next morning, I awoke and made my way to the farm. As I came down the track I looked beyond the gate and noticed something tall in the distance, I then noticed someone moving around to the side. My first thought was that someone else was at the farm, maybe delivering fruit and veg. As I got closer it became obvious who the person was and that I had mistaken Mr. Scarecrow for Chris! It was very surreal to see the farm, more so than it was to be meeting someone I had been friends with for about 2 years at that point and yes Chris is tall. The one thing you learn quickly is that a camera is always around and pictures will be taken. I'm not one for pictures being taken of me, but you quickly get used to it but it is one of the reasons why I preferred to stand behind Chris during lives even after I was used to the camera, its also just easier to be out of the way if he happens to see something that needs fixing or an animal in distress.

I think before I go on to talk about what things are like behind the scenes, I would like to talk about possibly the best memory I have and will hold onto for a long time. My first interaction with the Chinese Crested Swan Geese didn't go over very well since they saw me and really anyone else who wasn't Caroline, Nicky 2, Chris or Helie as trespassers. I have a number of bruises on my right leg to even prove it. It certainly wasn't helped by the fact that instead of standing my ground any time I was near them, I would just walk past quickly. I remember my first afternoon while outside they were snapping at my boots, Helie came to my rescue and gave me the simple advice that they need to be admonished in a low voice. A simple "no, stop that!" And a point of the finger at whomever the culprit was, stopped the attack. I honestly hold no ill will toward the geese since they saw a stranger and were just protecting their home. Then, suddenly one day they stopped, more than likely because I stood my ground. Tickle was the last one to take a go at me, oddly enough on my birthday while Caroline was on the farm. I remember we were over by the goats and rabbits when Tickle charged me and I had to actually hop over a wheelbarrow while at the same time trying to not bring much attention to it. If you watch the rush hour from 25th November you can see me just getting out of the way, that bite gave me a nice shiner on my calf but rarely hurt more than a couple seconds. The next day, something clicked and the Crested Swan geese tolerated me and Tickle, the bravest of the 4 I think, from then on would run to me any time I kneeled down. It was such a magical moment to go from intruder to someone they were starting to trust in a matter of days. On the other hand, my first interaction with Wiggle was for him to tuck his neck in and hiss, after that he was perfectly fine and would just walk past me. The two separate reactions are actually quite funny in my mind. 

Journey Of A Lifetime: Final
Journey Of A Lifetime: Part 1

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