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Reflections about Caenhill Countryside Centre – and a quiz just for fun!

As Chris tells us regularly, Caenhill Countryside Centre is a charity set up to help young people and rescue animals. It is however so much more than this. Its motto is Touching Hearts and Lifting Souls. This, I believe, is exactly right.

Just after the time the Centre went viral on tik tok I have followed the posts by Chris and Caroline although only on Facebook and You Tube. Children were still visiting the centre at this time and the posts I saw were from the morning rush hour and some live broadcasts from the outside office.

Once the United Kingdom had to go into lock down the children were no longer able to visit but the rescuing and care of the animals has continued. Without the children visiting there was a need to raise funds and more social media content was posted. This is when the centre was discovered by so many more people.

Although the Caenhill CC team are looking forward to the children returning I believe being able to follow the adventures of the Centre has helped many people during these difficult months in so many ways. For some it has brought a structure to their day, given them something to look forward to and allowed them to make friends around the world. Messages of support have been given to people who have been bereaved or are themselves unwell. It shows what a wonderful gift following the Centre has been with people in places like America and Australia getting up in the middle of the night to watch the morning posts.

Although there has been anxious moments, for example during the live births, and also sadness when an animal dies, there has mostly been happiness, fun and joy. Even the volunteers at the centre, who have to work very hard, always seems to be having a great time. Personally I have also learnt a lot. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have imagined writing a blog or taking books out of the library to research about pigs and domestic fowl. I am now much more aware of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and take time to look properly at plants and flowers.

When Chris asked recently for help with a quiz I offered to help. I thought up some questions to ask but it turns out they are not quite in the format needed. The proper quiz is something to look forward to but since I enjoyed putting the questions together I have printed them here. The questions should be quite easy for regular Caenhill CC followers but hopefully still be fun for anyone who is new.

QUIZ – All answers start with the letter B

1a Name a food Rodney and Del really like.

1b Name another of their favourite foods. (Bonus point for thinking of a third type!)

2 What is the name of one of the pygmy goats?

3 What is the name of the smelly male goat?

4 What is Daisy's favourite food?

5 Who is Cuthbert's daughter?

6 What is the name of the youngest male peacock?

7 Which sheep thinks she's a dog?

8 What does she like to put her head in?

9 What is the name of Caroline's kitten?

10 What insects does Chris keep at the farm?

11. What is the name of the Fordson Major Tractor?

12. What is the surname of the Caenhill CC ghost?

Finally just to thank Chris, Caroline, Kara, Ellie and the whole team for sharing his wonderful project and fulfilling the motto: Touching Hearts and Lifting Souls.

Answers to my Quiz

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