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Capturing Moments In Time

A photograph can say a lot about who we are. It can also remind us of a cherished moment in time with a loved one. It can capture a moment of utter beauty in nature that we want to share with others. We can enjoy looking at photographs and taking the odd few on our phones, or we can decide to take the jump at buying a camera and doing both! As I've gotten older, I have discovered just how important a photograph can be, and how much I am starting to enjoy them.

As a child, I was introduced to photography like many my age through disposable cameras. The first pictures I took were nothing more than out of focus pictures of family and friends, many of which are still somewhere in my house. In my teens, I started using a digital handheld camera from time to time, where my focus turned more toward nature instead of people.

On a school trip to the Bavarian Alps in Spring 2010 and on a trip to the Rocky Mountains in Spring 2011, right before graduating high school, I discovered my love for the mountains. I'm not sure what it is about mountains, but they inspire in me a sense of awe and wonder that just needs to be captured, even if a picture cannot fully capture their beauty.

In January 2019, I made the jump from using my phone as a camera to a Nikon Coolpix B500 as my "training wheels."I knew I wanted a better camera once I had gained the skills and confidence to move on to a higher level. It was the perfect time to buy this camera, because I lived close to a wildlife sanctuary while also being a short drive from Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin side. The very first picture I ever took was of a deer at the sanctuary and I am extremely proud of how good it was, so much so that I have kept it. The inspiration to actually buy this camera came from my brother who had a camera of his own and was taking a few pictures here and there. I liked them so much that I wanted to copy him and do something cool and memorable.

In March when all our lives changed temporarily, it was my camera and a kayak that gave me the motivation to leave my room every day instead of every other week. I am not the most motivated person in the world, so sometimes I have to find something to do. Thankfully, it was my photography. It wasn't long after I found the farm that I also began seeing Chris's photography, specifically his photos of the sunrise and sunset at the Caenhill locks. At this point I had been out on the lake almost every day and had bought a new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T7, at the end of July that I had been saving for. My goal was to learn how to edit photos, properly use my camera, and refine my skills to the point where I can get my name out there and allow others to enjoy my photography with me.

In the end, we all want to be remembered for something, and all it takes is a little bit of inspiration and some motivation to begin our journey. The beauty and wonder of nature inspired my interest in photography. My hope is that you all find something that inspires you, whether it's photography, writing, caring for those in need or even caring for animals. Maybe your inspiration will inspire someone else to do something amazing!

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