The behind the scenes shot of Chris and Wilson from Countryfile

I can't start this week's blog without a big thank you to Matt from Countryfile for the short feature he put together for last Sunday's show. We might have been a little nervous about what the final edit was going to look like, but I personally feel that he did our project proud. He not only spent time to understand the work we do, but also got across the energy of the farm, all while being a joy to work with. Hopefully we'll get to work with Matt again one day and introduce him to all of the latest stars at the project, until then I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

We're of course thankful to you as well. Thankful for everyone who tuned across the world, thankful for all of the wonderful feedback we've received and thankful for everyone who's chosen to support us in some way following the features on both Countryfile and Sky News. We really couldn't continue everything we do and everything we plan to do without you and all of our amazing Patreons.

The project might look glamorous, especially with Chris and Caroline joining the Sky News breakfast team live on Easter Monday where they did a fantastic job, but it really is a lot of hard work. There are long hours, tough decisions and all weathers to cope with. We've only been able to gain such amazing coverage because of all the work put in, none of it would be possible without Chris' dedication to his animals, Caroline's support and Helie's work behind the scenes.

It's honestly a wonder how Chris manages to build such a bond with all of the animals, especially with so many new arrivals. We've got lambs in the field, with the latest arrivals born on Easter Sunday thankfully without any issues. We have our new duckling Hook who Caroline helped hatch out earlier this week. We have Margot the goat's little boy, Clay, who took us by surprise considering his mum was still happily jumping around the barn. We have three new geese that we've taken in this week and I'll share more of their story as they settle in. Plus, of course, Keith and Petite, our bottle fed little lambs, have been joining our crazy crew of Wiggle, Taz and Alfred.

I know a few of you have been asking after our trio, especially since they've been out doing their own thing a little this week. It's just because they are growing up though and getting different needs, but they're still very much all friends. Thankfully Caroline and myself have captured their baby days before they grow too quickly and you can now own your own poster by me, or hoodie, tshirt and so much more by Caroline.

Thanks Caroline for all you do

That's right, we have new merchandise. We're always looking for more ways for you to get involved in the farm and support if you'd like to and what better way than having a little piece of the farm in your own home? We currently have calendars running from April, greeting cards and posters all available on a new shop we are developing, if there are any posters you'd like to see let me know. All alongside Caroline's shop with clothing, mugs and more, plus our popular shoutouts are still available to request any time as well if you're after something more individual.

While we're developing what we can bring to you at home, there's progress on the farm as well. Today we're welcoming our first students to the farm since the beginning of the pandemic which feels like a huge step towards some normality for the project. Education is exactly what the project was established for and we've been lucky enough to see students thrive through the hands-on work we've been able to offer them. Our first students back are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh award which helps them to build skills for life and we're honoured that we're able to support them with this. Let's hope they enjoy their time at the project and I'll tell you a little more about the work they'll be getting involved in soon.

I think that's almost everything for this week, but before I leave you I first want to remind you to get your April and May shoutout requests in as soon as possible. While I'll still be supporting the farm as and when my next little farmer arrives, my time will be limited in the early days so the earlier you put your request in the more successful it will be. That just leaves me with one last thing, a thank you to friend of the project Christine. She's supported the farm when she could for a few years now and we're lucky enough to say she's still supporting us and recently brought in some feed to help with our animals. As a big thank you Chris has let Christine name Margot's little boy and that's how we got the name Clay, what a great choice.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy