Thanks Caroline for your shearing support and vlog

Hello, I'm really pleased to be back. I've been taking a little break from the blog with family life being exhausting. But, I've missed it so much and there's so much to talk about thatI wanted to return this week. Let's just hope baby brain doesn't get the better of me and I can remember everything I need to say.

With today being such a big day in English football history, I of course have to start with Euro 2020. When the competition started our fantastic sheep, Bumblebee, teamed up with BBC Radio Wiltshire to share her football knowledge. She felt she knew enough about football to start predicting the winners of the England matches and even attempted to predict a few scores. We are really pleased to say that she's done a fantastic job of predicting the England wins and now she says the team can go all the way. I guess we'll find out later if she is correct again, or if she'll be retiring from the game. Whatever happens tonight though,it's safe to say we've had loads of fun on the Euro 2020 football journey. We've had a live radio, prediction videos, some of our sheep painted ready to support England thanks to Caroline and a sweet Bumblebee song thanks to Noor and some of our other supporters. Well done all, it's fantastic.

While England fans are out getting drinks and snacks ready for the game tonight, our sheep are enjoying their new haircuts. A big thank you to Raising the Baa for getting our sheep ready for the rest of summer and hopefully some more sunshine. It might look a little strange now with a field full of naked sheep, but our shearer did an amazing job and our sheep will be a lot healthier. Keep a look out for some special shearing videos with our team, including a vlog from Caroline, and some photos of our newly sheared flock that Chris has been taking.

I can't really finish talking about sheep without mentioning our latest addition to the flock, Maple. She arrived last Wednesday, just in time to enjoy Canada Day on the Thursday. Thankfully for mum Rachel and midwife Chris, the delivery was no problem at all, especially because she chose to arrive on the busiest farm day of the week.

I really do feel for the team on Wednesdays because it really is non stop and the last few Wednesdays have been no exception. We have our biggest number of placements in and although the students might be winding down at school for the summer holidays, we've got plenty for them to do alongside Chris teaching block work. We have our main farm work to do from the rush hour to getting our birds all safe in the barn for the night. All finished off with an evening Dotty Club where local children join us to get some hands-on farm experience and maybe do some dancing or have a water fight on the side too.

Caroline and Claire,part of our shearing support

While there's a lot of work planned in, from the day to day to our groups, there's always a few surprises along the way as well, including the arrival of new animals. We never know when we might be called to help and while we can't help every time, we do our best to ensure animals are cared for. Our latest rescue animal came in this week after a baby duck was found in a car park without its mum at a local nursery school. With nobody to look after the little one we've taken it in and it'll grow up at the farm. It will have the chance to fly away from the farm when it's bigger if it chooses to, but for some reason the ducks we take in usually stay.

A few other animals taken in that are here to stay are Earth, Wind and Fire, our rescue geese. They've been with us for a few months now and you might have seen them on the Rush Hour Live, living in their own pen. They joined us during breeding season, so their own pen wasn't just for quarantine, it was for their safety too. Geese can be really aggressive at breeding times which meant they weren't likely to get a warm welcome if they were let out to you soon. The good news is the breeding season is now over for the year which means Earth, Wind & Fire are free to explore the farm. Caroline let the trio out last week and so far they are continuing to settle in well.

Talking of geese, you probably know that we have our mascots Apple, Banana and Carrot for our Dotty club. Now we're taking this one step further and creating our own teams which we'll be sharing more information about joining over the next few weeks here and on our live streams. Joining Apple in leading the Apple Team is Caroline, artist, creative ideas support and dance creator for the farm. Banana has teamed up with Chris, project director, ideas man, voice to the animals and rush hour king for Team Banana. While Casey and I are proud to lead the way with my little farmer's favourite, Carrot. If you don't know us already, we're the people behind the blogs, Caenhill Xtra accounts, admin and general young farmer cuteness.

I hope that's the main news, but I'll be back soon with another update and even more news. Until then, don't forget there are so many ways to support the farm, including through our merchandise, some of which our little farmer will be modelling soon. Thank you for being there and sharing the farm with us.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy