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Weekly Roundup 12 April 2020

Del and Rodney settling into farm life

While Casey and I have been missing being a part of the hard work at the farm, we realised something, so much is happening on the farm right now, even with just a small team. Though we're behind the scenes helping with the social media, planning in shout outs, sharing pictures and whatever else we can do, sometimes even we forget what has happened. That's when I got the idea of a weekly roundup. So here we are with our first CCC weekly roundup with some of the highlights from the past week.

Chris and Caroline have been going live from the farm all week on Facebook at 12 noon and 6pm on Twitter (times are GMT) with a bit of TikTok and Instagram thrown in for good measure. You might have even caught one of their special live Easter egg hunts today too. They'll be continuing to go live next week, Casey and I will be tuning in to help answer your questions, we hope you'll be able to join us. The WiFi might even be extended to show you some more of the farm, including Chris' office which is a bit special, so look out for that.

If you've caught Chris and Caroline live already you'll probably have seen our sleepy four year old pig, Trigger. The team let Trigger out of his winter pen at the start of the week to move him to his summer home. The problem is Trigger just wasn't ready for his Rush Hour Door debut and turned around every time. Not even doughnuts could tempt him out. But the good news is Trigger eventually got himself out of the barn, just a shame it was the wrong door. But with the farm being quiet, Chris has decided to let Trigger roam free as he's getting along brilliantly with the other animals.

We've also seen the return of our emus Del and Rodney to Rush Hour. Having spent the winter indoors settling into farm life and building their bond with Chris they are very chilled out these days. So, while there's no students at the farm they're spending time running free. I have to admit, seeing them running around with the sheep and Tigger is really something special.

During our live sessions at the farm Chris has also been introducing you to our rooster Bomber who's unfortunately too aggressive to roam around the farm but he loves Chris. As well as Mr Honk, our new rescue goose settling into the farm, and Duran who's been showing us how he does a shimmy to attract the ladies. We really hope you've enjoyed meeting them, or will be able to meet them soon.

Mr Honk isn't our only new arrival though, we've had some births this week too. A new lamb arrived at the start of the week and we should be seeing more arrive soon. We've currently got Snowy inside as her lambs should be arriving any time now. We're really hoping to get a live laming to you sometime soon if we can, unfortunately our last little one arrived at 4am. Plus we had our first Frizzle chick hatch on Easter Saturday. The egg was sent to us so it hatched in an incubator, we're really excited to watch our first farm Frizzle grow.

Of course, I can't forget to mention Eli who found his voice at the end of last week and we're pleased to say it wasn't a one off. We heard Eli braying again on Easter Saturday. Coco's still making the most noise of course, but it's great to hear what Eli has to say. Well done Eli!

Lastly, Chris launch the Cuthbert audio story in time for the Easter weekend so if you want to hear more stories from the farm, you can now download it now (available here: https://carolinelebourgeois.com/contact/digital-downloads) . For $5 you'll receive the audio download, front cover artwork by Caroline and support our work at the farm at the same time.

This is a work in development so if you have any ideas don't forget to let me know as I'll be back with a round up next week for you all. So, all that's left to say until then, or my next blog, is thank you. We really couldn't do this without all of your kind support.

Look forward to sharing more from the farm next week.

Casey and Kara

Weekly Roundup 19 April 2020
Going Live

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