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Vlogging with Caroline and Chris

It's been such a busy week I don't even know where to begin, and life with kittens has only made it even busier for myself, Caroline and Chris. They're cute, but so much of a distraction. Apart from being fussy with cat litter (and walking on my keyboard while I'm trying to write this) Teddy has adapted to family life so well, she happily plays with Casey and always rushes to greet us at the door after a trip to the farm. Coral is slowly but surely getting used to Chris' early mornings. While Bea is enjoying her first week in her new home and you can see more in Caroline's vlog.

Talking of vlogs, it was Triggers Birthday this week and Caroline captured all of the celebrations for another fantastic vlog. I won't tell you too much about the day because it's so much more fun to watch it. What I will say though is, we laughed a lot (so happy I could join the day), there was plenty of magic and a few too many eating like pigs.

I had the opportunity to join Chris and Caroline on Thursday as well, when they were taking a few of our goslings and ducklings for their first pond swim. It was so exciting, super cute and I'm really pleased that Caroline's got a vlog coming up about this as well. She's so committed to looking after our babies, and getting a good camera angle, that squeezed into some waders which were a bit too small. Our little ones rewarded her though, and they did finally take a dip, along with a few guest stars.

Chris has done an amazing job with our ducklings and hatching a few goslings this year. In fact it's been the best year yet for goslings, even if we did need to use an incubator. Giggle and Benedict are already fantastic additions to the farm, and we're looking forward to watching the rest of the baby team grow. Unfortunately it's not always easy with baby animals and we were really sad to see Cadbury the gosling pass away this week. Chris did everything possible to help the little one, but on this occasion there was nothing more he could do. We now have a new gosling called Cadbury in tribute, and using the name again will also save Chris from having to remember another name.

Casey and Teddy

Without our volunteers and students to check around the whole farm for eggs, we're seeing a few eggs hatch around the farm too. Most of these are bantam families, but we have a few ducks with ducklings around as well. Even when we do find the eggs and nests, some of our birds are always trying to catch us, and the most recent family hatched in with Coco and Eli. Hopefully they'll enjoy the extra company.

While there's a lot to do around the farm it's really important for us to bring in the right volunteers at the right time. This does mean that we can't always accept the kind offers for help, but there is still so much that you can do. Don't forget to check out our page of ways you can help, which now includes a wish list for things that we'd really like, or would really help the team. We'll also be opening up for tours to small groups on selected dates, so please get in touch with me if you're interested.

If you're too far away to make the visit, we can still bring you something a bit special from the farm in the form of a private shoutout video. These videos are a few minutes long and can include whatever you want from our farm, within reason of course. It doesn't even need to be a special occasion, we're happy to have requests just to brighten someone's day. Just fill out our form and we'll do the rest.

There we have it, another week at the farm. Thank you all for the support this week, your lovely messages, your kind donations and wish list items. Thank you also to our lovely rush hour live viewers joining us each morning on YouTube, it's been lovely to have viewers from Mexico, Australia and Chippenham joining the conversation.

Until next week, keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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