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Lamb feeding with Claire and our fantastic Wynnstay delivery driver

Although it's not been as cold as some parts of the world, it's been a really cold week by English standards. It's been too cold to snow, the ice has even more ice on it and the winds have been bitter. As much as Chris, Helie and Claire would have loved to stay inside with a hot drink, they had to leave that to Casey and I while we're at home due to lockdown. Instead they've been out working hard defrosting water, giving the animals extra bedding and of course extra feed.

A good diet for our animals is always important, though it's even more important right now. There's no foraging for our birds due to bird lockdown, we have pregnant goats, sheep feeding their young and limited grass in the fields. This means it's down to the team to ensure our animals get the extra goodness they need even if it means longer rounds and higher costs. That's why I actually want to start with a few thank yous. Thank you to Wiltshire Fruit and Veg for continuing to bring produce that's not possible to sell and keeping our animals topped up with greens. Thank you to Wynnstay for the fantastic service they give us with our feed deliveries helping us keep on top of our rounds. Plus, a big thank you to our patreons for their regular donations making it possible to get feed in.

Thankfully outside of the extra duties in the cold weather, the farm has been relatively calm this week. We've had no more births to report and no other reasons for Chris to be up late in the night other than feeds for our orphan lambs. We're still expecting a few more lambs and of course a few baby goats in the very near future, but a break from new arrivals is very welcome right now. We're also still waiting to see if our emu eggs hatch too, especially now Rodney is taking his egg sitting duties far more seriously, though we've still got a bit more of a wait until we'll know.

Of course I can't go any further without mentioning Valentine's Day, I haven't forgotten, I just don't get any cards anymore. Who needs cards when I've had the privilege of helping plan some of your Valentine's messages in though. A big thank you to everyone who booked their shoutout, we've been thrilled with your response and we hope you enjoy the videos reaching your inbox this morning. Chris has worked extra hard making the videos this week and we're of course closed for any further Valentine shoutouts, but you can request your Birthday or Anniversary messages with us anytime through our form. If you haven't been lucky enough for a personal Valentine's video this time, don't worry, there will still be plenty from our animals to share with you throughout the day including some live feeds.

Sorry team, Casey and I have been in the warm drinking tea

If you still want a bit extra from the farm don't forget to keep a look out for Chris' morning live on YouTube and Facebook with the gate escape and a check on our animals as well. These will be continuing while farm duties allow. We might not have had quite the usual rush out of the gate with our animals this week due to colder temperatures and Casey's pond completely frozen over, but I'm sure we'll have a few more taking part as our temperatures start to increase. For now it's still been really entertaining and Casey and I have enjoyed being able to watch along with you too over breakfast.

There is one person who we've been missing during live feeds and filming our Valentine shout out messages though and that's Caroline. That's right, you wouldn't have seen our wonderful friend and team member Caroline at the farm this week. Don't worry though, she's not avoiding Chris because he's in trouble, she's simply taking a a week off. After a busy time,  In the meantime she has plenty of projects to keep her busy, so keep an eye out for that, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what she's going to be working on. We'll have a coffee with Giggle ready for her at the farm any time she likes, as long as she doesn't bring in too many crazy ideas in one go.

We've of course been trying to keep Chris out of trouble for Caroline with some projects you'll no doubt hear about over the coming weeks, and he even set himself a task with a talk to a local Rotary Club. We do miss seeing you and talking about the work we do, but it's fantastic that technology means we can still reach people in our local community safely as well as everyone further afield. The response and support we've had in return so far is amazing, so thank you to everyone who's joined us. If you are part of a group or club that would like to talk to Chris at the farm via Zoom, please do get in touch, as long as we have enough notice (farm life is super busy) we'll do our best to accommodate.

I think that's everything for this week, but I just want to close with a thank you to the team who have been helping with the new rescue animal area. Working on new projects around the farm has been so difficult with limited volunteers and no students in, but with thanks to a lot of hard work from Claire along with some of our volunteers Amelia, Dave and Michelle, we've got a versatile area ready to be used for our animals as and when we need it. As soon as we have more hands available to help we'll be developing the space to a full rescue animal area, though for now we can use it as an exercise space or a place for our sheep if the fields get too wet. We really appreciate the effort gone into this. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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