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A happy Casey to be back looking after the animals with Chris and Caroline

What a week it's been, especially now I can finally say we have kid goats. Yes, after all of the waiting and thinking it'll be anytime now and they'll most likely come along as I publish a blog, they've started to arrive. We still never completely know what's going to happen at the farm, so anything could happen as I publish, but I'm really happy to share the first few arrivals with you.

The first goat to give birth was Mayo, on Wednesday, who had two girls with no problem at all. We shared the first glimpse of the twins with our Patreons as a thank you for all their support, we really couldn't keep going without them, and we'll be sure to keep giving our Patreons a few more exclusives as they happen. For now though, Marigold and Giddy are already bringing plenty of cute videos across all of our channels and we're looking forward to sharing more of them growing up with you.

The second to give birth was Trudy who had twin boys on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately the birth wasn't quite as smooth and little Alfred was left quite weak and tired from the experience, this meant Chris needed to step in to get the little one to keep fighting and finally feed. Thankfully, after a lot of work, his efforts have currently paid off and Alfred is happy living with the other kid goats including brother Mickey. He's still a little up and down, and hasn't yet built his bond with mum Trudy enough to accept her milk, but we hope he's going to grow into a little star. The bad news for Chris is that he's back on regular feed wake ups, but he's nothing but dedicated to his animals and he certainly wasn't going to let this little one be left behind.

As they say, things can often happen in threes, and that's exactly what happened with our goats when on Friday, July finally had her kids. It's been a long time coming, especially as we've been expecting them anytime for a few weeks now, but it was worth the wait. July not only had a relatively straightforward birth, but had two beautiful babies too. We now have a little girl called Ayah and a little boy called Eddie bringing our total kid count to six, for now anyway.

A rare lamb feeding session with Casey and Helie, Alfred the kid goat next time

With all of our kid goats, our sheep were feeling a little left out so, one of our Wiltshire horn flock put Chris on midwife duties on Thursday as well. Again we were really pleased that this was another straightforward birth and there was little for Chris to do, other than the challenge of getting mother and baby into the barn that is. They've now joined the rest of our sheep maternity unit and will be back in the fields when the weather allows.

All of these births means a lot of hungry animals while they produce milk for their babies and some of our baby lambs are weaning off of milk bit by bit. That's why it's even more important for us to give our animals a healthy but balanced diet right now. One company who helps us with this is Wynnstay, our animal feed supplier, and it was extra special to welcome our Wynnstay delivery driver Ian to a morning live this week. It's very rare to have a special guest so early in the morning, most people are still getting ready for the day (myself and Casey included), so well done to Ian for joining the very small morning visit club.

Talking of visits, myself and Casey were lucky enough to join the team at the farm this week. We are still in lockdown here in the U.K., but with Chris and Helie being Casey's childcare support, and myself really needing to work with the team before pregnancy stops me, we have a few working visits planned. It's honestly fantastic for Casey and I to be back with the team, there really is nothing like working in person together, especially when it comes to Chris and Caroline's ideas. We really hope we won't need to stop for too long when the next little farmer arrives, we feel like we've missed so much already.

When it comes to other visitors, this is still a work in progress, but it is something we're working on. Before then we'll be focusing on welcoming some placements back and we had our first back in this week which is exciting. It's still early days for placements but we're heading in the right direction. Hopefully we'll be able to get some volunteers in before too long as well, though we really need to get some skilled support in as a priority with so much work to do and so many areas left behind through all of the restrictions of the last year.

We always enjoy hearing from people with skills to work with us or support our project and you might have seen the results of one such project this week. We have new branding. We're still working to update all of our branding, but you can see a sneak peak of our logo over on the CaenhillCC Facebook page. A huge thank you to Maddie for working with us and getting us a fresh new look, you'll be seeing more of this soon.

I think that's about it for this week, so I will leave you with some Mothers Day wishes, especially to all of the mums in the UK where it's Mothers Day today. I know it can also be a difficult day for some as well, but I am hoping today will bring some happy memories whatever you are doing. I'm certainly feeling very lucky to have farmer Casey today who chose to buy me flowers and even wanted to use his own money. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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