Checking the fields between visitors with Chris and Caroline (photo by Chris)

It's been another week already and what a week we've had. From a potential project next year, to visitors and groups of children, we've had a full schedule. Chris, Helie and I even managed to fit in a birthday party for my nephews (Chris is grandsons) sixth birthday yesterday in sunny Wales. A huge well done to the team at the farm for all of the hard work in keeping things running smoothly this week and a big thank you to everyone supporting, whether volunteering or donating. It all means a huge amount.

Being the school summer holidays here in England the farm doesn't have all of the usual placements for the moment. While we could enjoy the calmer days, the main team really do deserve to, we're actually getting more young people to the farm instead. This means more children getting a hands on farm experience as well as hopefully giving them some amazing summer holiday memories.

We've changed our Dotty Club for the summer, so instead of one evening a week the children now have more opportunities to join Claire for the afternoon rounds. The club is obviously quieter with families taking holidays and day trips, but it means we can tailor our club a little more to benefit those able to join us. A big thank you to Clare for taking the lead and doing some amazing work with our Dotty club members.

We're also really happy to say that we've been able to welcome some youth groups over the last couple of weeks. We've had Youth Action Wiltshire and Splash join us at the farm for a range of activities to benefit the young people they support. From photography to the animal rounds, all of the children have been kept really busy and hopefully had a fantastic time.

Working with groups like Youth Action Wiltshire is really rewarding because they support young people at various stages of life. From young carers to those facing challenges in life, they offer experiences to help build confidence and skills. This year we've been able to welcome back some young people they've supported and brought to our farm in the past who are now helping lead some of the activities they offer. A huge well done to them for all they've achieved

We've also had a few visitors this week and we still have a few slots for visits available, so get in touch sooner rather than later if you want to join us. You must be booked in to come along so we can work around your visit and ensure we take care of our vulnerable placements, but then when you are with us you can have so much more fun. I can't promise what will happen other than meeting and feeding our animals, but there could be dancing, climbing poo mountain or maybe even a bit of time with the tractor. It was a total honour booking in Sara and Richard this week who have supported us for a while now. A big thank you to Sara for her kindness and support to me as well, I only wish I could have made it to say hello. Meeting our supporters really is a great part of what we do.                                 

A special visit with Caroline

Don't forget, if you can't join us in person, we still have a live view of the farm for the rush hour most mornings other than Mondays (unless you are a patreon). As well as other live feeds in the afternoons when time allows. Plus there are loads of ways to support whether you want to help feed the animals or keep our team going. With options from patreon which gives you exclusive content in return, to booking a shoutout where we'll give you a special message in return for your donation, or simply supporting us through our Amazon wish list with items to keep us going (as farmer Casey would say).

We of course have merchandise too and believe it or not, we'll be working on some special items for Christmas over the next few weeks. I'll be doing some special photo shoots ready for some of these. While Caroline has already made some amazing progress. We can't wait to share more with you soon.

I know that's a lot this week and I haven't even mentioned the animals, but thankfully this week they've generally been really good. Our owls are spending a little more training with Chris and Caroline, so although we haven't featured them as much, they are well and enjoying their longer enclosure. Hopefully we'll be able to give them even more space as they become more used to us all. Our latest bantam chicks and goslings are growing really well and it won't be all too long before they're in the main barn. We have a new peachick, there's only one this year but I'm sure it'll be a great addition to the farm and I'm looking forward to seeing if we have a male or female. While elsewhere in the farm we're hoping things dry up, not just so we might be able to finally get support for hay and straw, but also to get Coco and Eli's paddock to dry out.

That's all for this week, but I'll be back with more farm news soon. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy