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Chris and I have prepared some Christmas specials already

You might be like me and be totally unprepared for Christmas, I've got a huge list to work my way through, but this week we're ramping up the Christmas preparations at the farm. You might think it feels a little early but with so many animals to get treats for and so many of you that we want to share the celebration with, it really is the sooner we start the better. This does mean you'll start to see a few decorations and jumpers too.

We've already been sharing the merchandise created by the very talented Caroline along with cards and a variety of calendars for a little while and we hope you'll continue to share the pictures of your purchases. We love seeing you enjoying your merchandise whether your cats like sitting on the calendars or you're having a coffee with Giggle. Though now we're starting to film and prepare some special Christmas shoutouts just for you. All of the messages are completely unique, so get your requests in via our special Quishmas page sooner rather than later as we'll have limited availability the closer it gets to Christmas, especially with a few treats across our social media channels on the way. We'll be sharing more on that soon.

We might have started the fun of Christmas, but we still have the challenges of lockdown and now bird flu to contend with. It's always worrying when we hear of cases of bird flu, but we're taking precautions to help keep our birds safe. This means that there's no food left outside, any food is given in trays which we can wash out, and there's no alternative rush hour for now. When the alternative rush hour does return it will be better than ever though with new doors and screening going up at the back of the farm, which will help keep the bird safe until they can rush to the ponds again.

As I mentioned, we're still in lockdown here in England as well, though thankfully we're still able to have volunteers in, we're just limiting numbers for safety. It has changed a few things though, like our Friday night lives for example. Chris might not be able to join Caroline in her studio, but thankfully he's found some new software to bring them together on screen along with a few guests. We kicked off our guest slots a few weeks ago with Sarah in Minnesota, followed by Chris and Alison in Wales and this week we were joined by Frannie in LA and Noor in the Netherlands. Thank you all so much to everyone who's joined so far, it's been so nice to see our fans on screen and get to know them a little more. I might be a little biased but I'm enjoying the Friday night shows more and more as the weeks go on and Chris and Caroline develop the content.

Thank you from Caroline and myself to everyone who's purchased our claendars already.

If you can't join Friday night live you can always watch again and don't forget we're live on the Caenhill Countryside Centre YouTube channel for the rush hour every day except Monday. Plus you can watch Chris and Caroline feed the animals live in the afternoons at 3pm GMT across our social media channels with Casey and I watching along with you on Facebook.

We're always looking after our animals behind the scenes as well and this week Chris has been spending a lot of time caring for Cuthbert. Unfortunately things haven't been looking good for our star goose after a bit of a set-back. I can't really tell how things are going to go for Cuthbert, but what I can say is he's having the best care we can possibly give.

Thankfully the rest of our animals are doing well. Bumblebee's foot which had a cut is all healed and we're back to seeing her head in far too many buckets. Our little lambs Devon and Dorset are with the flock out in the field along with their mum Lowen. They're now fully weaned so don't need the bottles and milk, but they are getting some extra food from Caroline along with the rest of the sheep. We're also seeing a bit more of Oreo, our rescue dog, on the live feeds as well, with less visitors and milder weather he's getting a little extra time with Chris to get used to the animals.

All of this alongside waiting to see if Marlene is expecting piglets, we can't be sure just yet, but if she is they will be here in time for Christmas. Debating on whether our emus are male or female as they've shown some interesting behaviour, but I'm sure we'll find out in the coming months. While Coco and Eli are sharing the stories of some of our other animals before everyone in the barn goes to bed.

I hope that's everything, as usual I'm sure I've forgotten something, but until next week it's time to say thank you. This week I'd like to say thank you to Michelle and Dave, they visited just before lockdown and have been fantastic supporters of the farm for a while. Thank you to them for all of their kindness and special treats for Chris and Caroline and of course thank you to everyone else for the kindness received this week.

Until next time, keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

An Introduction to Cherry Valley Ducks

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