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Casey on water duties

I am incredibly proud to start this week's roundup with the news that CaenhillCC has been shortlisted for the Digital Innovator Award as part of the British Farming Awards 2020. The whole team has worked incredibly hard to get the project to the point that it's at today, there've been sleepless nights, long days, students, volunteers and a crazy mix of animals. All to help bring farming and the countryside to more people.

When the project first started six years ago, we could only dream of being shortlisted for such an amazing award. Though, here we are, sharing the little farm where Chris and myself grew up with the world. Not only with the aim of bringing the countryside to more people, but to show the hard work and dedication behind British farming. We won't know who wins just yet, but to be shortlisted is such an honour, though I think Coco has a different take on it all. If Coco doesn't win a golden carrot from all of this, I don't know what she'll do.

We'd love to have a break and celebrate being shortlisted, but the work on the farm never stops and someone has to keep up with Coco's demands so it's been business as usual at the farm. Well almost as usual, because for the first time we had our Saturday socially distanced tour. These will be a regular feature now on Saturdays at the farm, so if you'd like to come along and meet the animals, create your own rush hour and just be a part of it all, don't forget to book yourself in. We'll have plenty more dates coming up if you can't make those already available, we're really looking forward to meeting some of you.

When we don't have our tours, we still have a very small group of volunteers coming in. Thank you so much to everyone who's been in touch about volunteering, for now we're welcoming back some of our regulars as and when we can. When things settle a little more, we'll have induction days for new volunteers, though if you do have any skills you think might be helpful to us drop us an email.

Of course, as I've said before, we'll not forget everyone unable to get to us and we'll still be sharing as much of the magic as we can through our videos and photos. We're still live at Rush Hour on YouTube and we'll be looking at bringing more of the fun from the live on Dive with Chris and Caroline to you. I can promise you the Dive sessions are completely different to the live you are used to, but so much fun. Plus, Caroline has some fantastic vlogs coming up too, with the straw harvest this week and our first Saturday visitors. Keep a look out for all of that.

Casey's daddy helping with the emu shower

What else has happened this week? Well it's been a super hot week so the most important thing has been keeping our animals hydrated and giving them all a chance to cool off. Casey loved being able to help with all of this and it was so much easier with his new watering can, thank you Leigh, all of the little kids are going to love this. He had his first chance to shower the emu as well, well i say the emus, more anything in his sight including Chris, Helie and myself. It's a shame I only take Casey a change of clothes to the farm.

Of course the great British weather can't stay hot for too long and there's always a storm on the horizon. It wasn't only rain and thunder this time though, there was a runner duck too. As the weather began to break down a little, a new runner duck hatched, who we've named Storm. Smile the runner duckling hasn't made friends with Storm just yet, but hopefully in time they'll get there in time.

With all these mouths to feed, including some new chicks with salt the bantam chicken, animal food deliveries are so important and I have to say a big thank you to our animal feed supplier. We always have fantastic service from Wynnstay and our essential feed is delivered with a smile. Of course, we only have a budget for the feed thanks to our patreons. I don't say thank you to all of our patreons anywhere near enough, the regular income makes an incredible difference to the farm and makes all of these deliveries achievable.

As you can tell, it's super busy at the farm and though I can't quite get Chris much of a break at the moment, he did especape for a very special 5th Birthday this week. My gorgeous nephews (Chris' grandsons) had a super day with their grandparents to celebrate being 5. Thank Freddie and Jack for soaking your Grampy, Casey is so proud.

So that's it for another week, but I can't end without saying a huge thank you to Cathy for my new farm shoes, my old shoes had the biggest hole in them, but now my feet can keep dry. The support from everyone buying from our wish list is incredible, in fact any way you support just means so much to us. Casey and I will be doing some thank yous of our own this week. Don't forget that for all the smiles you bring us, we can bring you some smiles too with our shoutouts, whether it's posted online or an extra special video just for you. We're looking forward to your requests.

Keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

2020 Finalist Digital Innovator of the Year
Wednesday evening at the farm

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