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Caroline welcoming Clayton

I can't believe we're only just over two weeks into 2021 because it's been so busy at the farm already and this week, if nothing else, has been lambtastic. That's right, Coco and Eli are having to share the limelight in the barn now that there are three super cute lambs who are going to be really playful in no time at all.

We welcomed our first little lamb on Tuesday with a big thank you to Susan and Judy who jumped first to help along with Sarah and a few other doners. We wouldn't normally ask for support to bring a lamb to the project as most are born and bred on at CCC, though this particular lamb was an orphan from another farm. Unfortunately his mum, who had two lambs, was unable to feed both so we were asked if we could take the second little one in.

As cute a little lambs are, it's always a very big decision to take in an orphan, especially males who can't always contribute to our flock. It's very demanding work to feed them with initial feeds required every four hours, their lamblac feeds are extra cost and of course it adds extra time to our rounds. Though, thanks to some amazing support and Chris being prepared for around the clock feeding, little Clayton now has a home at the project and we can already tell he's going to be quite a character after settling in so quickly. See more in Caroline's vlog.

Thankfully little Clayton didn't need to wait long for a playmate to arrive as later on Tuesday afternoon the first of our flock, Diddy Dot, gave birth to her new arrival Woolly. Our latest team member Claire was on hand to alert the rest of the team and Caroline was able to put the skills Chris taught her last year to the test to help with a safe delivery. You can hear more about Woolly's arrival in Caroline's latest vlog (it is a bit graphic) and see his first moments at the project.

Of course once lambing starts, it means there's even less rest for Chris who's on constant alert for the next lamb to arrive and it could be any time of the day or night. Though most lambs arrive with little to no assistance needed, there will be some who's survival depends on Chris' ability to jump in to help, so he's increased the number of checks on our sheep. We have a few of our sheep who look closest to lambing in the barn to make checks easier, though we're keeping an eye on those in the field too and that's where our third lamb Abigail was born on Saturday afternoon.

Thankfully Abigail arrived with no assistance needed so it was a quick check of mum and baby before bringing them into the barn. It's certainly not a problem for our lambs to be born out in the fields or spend time out there, but we like to keep a check on them in the first few days to make sure feeding is going well and mum is doing ok. I'm sure you'll see Abigail on an afternoon live with Chris soon before her and her mum are all ready to join the flock out in the field again.

Current Saturday team

I know this week sounds like it's been all about lambs, but don't worry, we never forget about the rest of our animals. Even though we'll be lambing around 20 sheep, all of our usual animal rounds still need to happen, especially with this colder weather. This means Coco and Eli will still get their carrots, Benedict will still get his lettuce and Daisy will keep getting her bananas, all while Rodney and Del keep laying their eggs (we now have a total of 8). We're so pleased to have Claire on board to be able to help us with all of this.

Along with all of this extra animal care we're still looking to bring you even more from the farm, we haven't forgotten, and our first focus is Valentines Day. We're not only planning in your Valentines shoutouts, please get them in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment, but we're also planning a live murder mystery on Valentines weekend. We've got our cast mostly sorted, we're working on costumes and Chris has the story ready, so now all we need is you. We'll be telling you how you can get involved really soon, so keep a look out for details. The event itself will be live and as interactive as we can make it, I'll give you a date for the diary soon too.

Hopefully I haven't missed anything this week, it's all been a bit of a blur, but it's been so much fun to share it with you all. I honestly can't wait to be back at the farm myself with Casey to get even more pictures to share with you and even more stories, so don't forget about us. We're all still in lockdown in the UK and we need to work as safely as possible. We'll still always be here to share as much as we can with you, and we're sending a big thank you to Chris for the extra pictures he's been taking. We're of course sending a big thank you to you all for being there as well, a huge thank you to Susan, Judy and Sarah for the lamb support, and thank you to Frannie for the lovely parcel.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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