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Weekly Roundup 17 May 2020

Caroline enjoying the company to our latest farm kittens

It's been another busy week at the farm and Casey and I have been watching along with you between sleepless nights thanks to a bit of a sleep regression, so the farm videos are really keeping us going too. But, sleep or no sleep, we're still here helping the team in any way that we can in the background and looking after your lovely shoutout requests.

Our highlight this week was having the first volunteers return to the farm. It's been a lot of hard work over the last few weeks for Chris, Helie and Caroline, and difficult to get all of the extra work complete between the farm duties. Thankfully a small group of volunteers offered their support to help get some fencing work complete and finish our sunflower area. It's all looking fantastic, they've done an incredible job and hopefully their efforts will be rewarded with an am amazing sunflower display later this year.

Thankfully we have plenty of space at the farm, so our volunteers were able to stay outside and keep their distance from one another. Obviously, we can't wait for them all to be back on a regular basis, but for now we're just accepting help where it is essential and planned in. The health of our team and volunteers is still our priority.

We know a lot of our fantastic CaenhillCC community have been concerned about Cuthbert's health as well. He's still struggling a little with his moult, but he's getting better. The lovely Owen has stuck with Cuthbert the whole time too, it must be love, and she's been taking great care of him this week.

Our latest Goose star, Giggle, has been increasing his following this week, his following of ducklings that is. He's got a beautiful friendship with some of the ducklings he moved in with and now seems to be offering a babysitting service for our mummy ducks. He's been taking great care of some of our newest ducklings, if you ever fancy looking after a toddler Giggle, give me a shout.

We have a new star in the making at the farm as well as Chris has agreed for Caroline to keep one of Alfie's kittens. I'm super excited about this and Casey and I can't wait to meet the adorable kitten that Caroline has named Violet. Violet's name was revealed in a beautiful illustration by Caroline, who's been working on some other fantastic illustrations for the farm this week. Keep a look out for them, Caroline has some wonderful ideas coming up which we'll hopefully share soon.

Letter from the Carrot Council

Elsewhere, one of Coco and Eli's complaints has finally earned them some extra carrots. It seems that they've recently complained to the Carrot Council about a purchase which they were led to believe was for 18 carrots. The first the team has heard of the complaint was on opening Coco and Eli's post, a response from the Carrot Council. Well done Coco and Eli, your complaint not only brought you extra carrots, but £10 as well. Check out the video, I promise this really happened.

It's not just Coco and Eli being cheeky this week. Our cows have been joining in with Doris and Doreen attempting to head off on an adventure of their own. Thankfully they set their sights for some relaxation in Chris' garden rather than heading to any shops. While Cuthbert has been looking after some of the farm admin with the team getting some extra fencing work complete, but he might just have deleted a few messages, opps.

Don't forget that if you want a shoutout you can contact me via our online form, not only will your request be safe from Cuthbert and the delete button, but it helps the team as well. It really is so busy looking after the farm that it's really difficult for them to be able to read all of your messages. We can't thank you all enough for your support though, your wonderful comments, donations and well wishes keep us going.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey

Weekly Roundup 10 May 2020

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