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Our team photobombed by Wiggle

The media storm might have calmed down, especially with Wiggle the goose, Taz the emu and Alfred the kid goat growing up too much to spend time cuddled together, but we're still working hard. While I'm having to slow down due to pregnancy, Chris, Helie and Caroline have been focused on the farm schedule and there are a few changes to share with you.

The first change that we've been waiting a while for now is students returning to the project again. Our project was set up to help young people and support their education, so the easing restrictions are letting us get back to our objectives. We had our first students last Sunday who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards or Veterinary courses and they had a great time. Going forward they'll be joining us on Sunday mornings to help with all aspects of animal care, establishing some new areas around the farm and general duties, all while hopefully creating some happy memories too.

We'll also be bringing back our popular Dotty club one evening a week to give more local children the opportunity to get hands on farm experience. We haven't been able to run the club in over a year, so we'll be working on what the club looks like and how it works. In the past we've had our club mucking out the animals, growing plants in our gardens, cooking and even running through courses in the fields, so it's sure to be loads of fun.

As well as updates for our students, there changes for you, our viewers too. The first is the content we share with our Patreons. We've got some incredible people supporting our project each month via our Patreon site. Their contributions help feed our animals, bring in extra care as needed and keep our project going. We're always wanting to find more ways to thank our Patreons for their continued support, because it really does mean a lot to us all. So, we're adding even more exclusive content in the way of rush hours, more live videos and getting them some of our project news first.

The next change is visitors. Now that lockdown is easing here in the U.K. we're starting to open our gates to visitors. Due to a lot of our work being with young and vulnerable people it's essential that all of our visitors are booked in, but it's great to be able to book people in again. Tours are going to be taking place on Saturdays with limited numbers, but our animals are already super excited. Violet the cat can't wait for some extra cuddles, while Del and Rodney, our emus, are looking forward to having more pockets to go through. You can find out more details and book via our website.

Bubble play time with Chris, Helie, Casey and Rodney

Lastly, we're starting to work on more content designed for our younger viewers. As I already mentioned, our project was set up to support and educate young people, so really, this feels like a natural step for the farm. It's all in development at the moment, but Chris and Caroline have plenty of ideas and already have a test video out for feedback. I'm really excited to see how the project develops and we hope you'll stick with us for the journey as well.

Of course between all of this activity we still have our animals who Farmer Casey and I were lucky enough to spend some time with this week along with the rest of the team, Casey is most definitely a huge fan of Wiggle. I know a few of you have been asking about Wiggle's best friend Taz the emu, but don't worry, there's a reason you haven't seen our smallest emu. We're currently working with Taz for some of our new content which we aren't ready to share just yet and want to make sure our star has enough down time between projects. Taz is planning to make a comeback to our regular content when the timing is right, but for now Alfred the kid goat, Keith the lamb and Wiggle our goose our taking on the role of front of farm team.

Hook the duckling who Caroline helped hatch is growing well after some extra care and will be in the barn before we know it. Bumblebee the sheep is out in the field with the rest of our sheep still, she's really settled into field life but I'm sure she'll be even happier if we've had the last of our frosty mornings. Our emus have found a new pastime, playing bubbles with Farmer Casey, and maybe me. We've never introduced them to bubbles before but it was great fun to see Rodney chasing them up and down the farm track, we used a lot more bubble solution than we were expecting.

I think that's everything for this week, but don't forget to keep a look out for our farm reels by Caroline, she had some great reels this week including one with our bubble play time. Also keep a look out for changes to updates from myself any Casey with life about to get more chaotic, we're thinking of a podcast, but we'll wait and see how trials go. Lastly, thank you everyone for your support, and a huge thank you from Casey for all of your kindness through the wish list, every donation, wish list item, Patreon, means a lot to us all.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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