Little Farmer back with his Grampy

It's been a great week at the farm this week because Casey and I finally returned, haha. Ok, it was actually still quite a busy and normal week, even with our visit, but it was great to be back. It's been so difficult for Casey and I to be with the team in person following the lack of sleep we're having courtesy of the baby of our house. Though, with or without sleep, the farm is a magical place to be and it did us the world of good. I even got the chance to get some fresh photos of my own which was amazing, even if it did lead to Chip the emu trying to steal my stuff.

Even though the amount of people at the farm reduced a little this week with the heat, holiday season starting and schools heading towards breaking up for summer, it's been so busy. Anytime we get between visitors and placements is a valuable chance for us to catch-up on emails, paperwork, funding bids, video editing, sign making and so much more. There's so much to do it's tempting for us to take a summer break alongside the schools as well, but we're actually finalising a summer programme at the moment. We'll have some youth groups in, some placements, more visitors and I'm sure some more surprises along the way.

We're not expecting too many more new additions to the animal team at least, although there have been some exciting arrivals this week. We have two turkey chicks named Tinsel and Bauble who farmer Casey loves already. We've only had one turkey, called Holly, for a while after a fox took one and another died of old age, so these are a very welcome part of the farm team. We'll of course be sharing them growing with you. Plus there are some top secret arrivals coming to the farm today.

With new arrivals comes new names and there are so many names to remember now along with tips on how to spot the difference with some. With over 300 animals at the project, it's no wonder we're a bit behind on our naming though. Thankfully our volunteer Nicky is here to help and next week she'll be getting Caroline's hat to fill with name suggestions and finally put a few more names to some of our favourite farm faces including our most recent rescue ducks who join us at rush hour live each morning. I can wait to hear the names you've all come up with.

Great to take Dexter to be part of the team

 We've named our animals in so many ways throughout the years at the project from letting our students choose, to competitions, sponsorships, and even using the radio. None are more daunting for me though than when I'm involved, so when Chris asked Casey and I to name one of our cats I felt a bit nervous. He gave us the responsibility of naming none other than Smudge's mum too. Thankfully volunteer Nicky passed on some viewer name suggestions for our special kitty and after putting them to Casey, there was a clear winner. Casey loved the suggestion of calling our mummy cat Duchess, so Duchess it is. It's certainly not a name I thought he would choose, but it really does suit our shy farm cat.

With the week hotting up and the animals slowing down, even when is humans aren't, I think that's the top news for this week. Don't forget that you can support the project by buying some of our amazing merchandise by Loren and Caroline, becoming a Patreon and supporting our animal care, sending a donation for a shoutout or even book a tour. Plus if you want to get even more involved in the farm you can request to join our K.C and the Chatty Farmer Facebook group and get involved in our team Apple, Banana and Carrot challenges. Thank you so much to everyone who's joined Casey and I on team carrot, we're so honoured to have each and everyone of you. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy