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Chris celebrating his Birthday with Caroline

You'd only need to see the pictures sent between Chris, Caroline and myself this week to know it's been another fun but busy week on the farm. There have been some interesting outfits that I'm still waiting to hear more about, outings and card designs which I'll tell you more about later and of course, what might be the last of the Birthday celebrations for now with Chris.

I know we hardly said anything about Chris' Birthday, but you still all knew and I think between you all and everyone at the farm we managed to make it an extra special day. I guess we'd already had a dressed rehearsal, so there was no excuse really, but with Chris being such a special person he certainly deserved to feel special (don't tell him I said that).

Every single day my dad, Chris, gets up in the early hours of the morning, checks on his animals and prepares to share another day of farm magic across the world and with the students placed at the farm. Though the task comes with the rewards of being out in the countryside and being surrounded by some amazing animals, it also takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. I really don't know how my dad does it, he works harder than anyone I know, but I'm so proud of everything he's achieved.

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, donations, gifts, cards. You're all amazing.

While Chris is still finishing up his Birthday chocolate and extra chocolatey cake made by myself and Casey, he's already working on his next ideas. We've got some Halloween fun coming up on the day and a few plans we'll be sharing over the coming weeks for Christmas. Talking of Christmas, we now have some cards and a kitchen calendar available on the CaenhillCC shop designed by Caroline, a huge thank you to her for all of her work on these. I won't mention the calendar this week (other than just this once) as I've talked about it enough in my own blog, but a huge thank you to everyone who's read about my photography journey, and a bigger thank you to everyone who's purchased from the shop.

Chris celebrating with Helie and Casey

It's not just myself working on my own content this week, Caroline has been back vlogging. She's been vlogging about Bea and Violet being spayed and taking the opportunity of a vets visit to get out in beautiful Devizes with our very own Chatty Farmer. They're hoping to get out in the local area a little more to share it with you via vlogs and the Chatty Farmer social media channels, so keep a lookout for more craziness coming your way. Though I couldn't join them this time, hopefully I'll join them for an adventure soon, but at least I had my own safari park adventure with my little farmer this week.

As I mentioned, both Bea and Violet have now been to the vets to ensure they don't have any kittens of their own, which must mean it's almost time for my Teddy to get castrated. I was thinking the procedure might calm my little Teddy down, even for a couple of days, but if Bea and Violet are anything to go by, my chances don't look good. They've both bounced back incredibly quickly from their operations which is great to see. We've now managed to get all of the current farm cats neutered, a big thank you to everyone who's helped, especially Duncan, hopefully we'll have some time off of having kittens.

Some babies that I'm sure we'll see again in the future are lambs. It's been a strange year with lambs this year with just a few in the spring and some unseasonal babies recently, but I'm really pleased to say they're doing well. It's especially great to see Dorset back with Devon and getting stronger and bigger all of the time, he's certainly Farmer Casey's favourite. We're still working with Dorset's old pen mate, Cuthbert the goose, but he's continuing to eat really well and is getting more active.

While the lambs and Cuthbert are getting stronger, our other animals are slowly but surely moving into their winter homes. All that is, apart from Bumblebee who has potentially now accepted she's a sheep and is spending more time out in the fields. It's great to see her as part of the flock and away from buckets. We'll be leaving our sheep out in the fields for as long as we can, they're so much healthier out there, but will bring them in if it gets too wet or we have a lot of snow.

It'll be a busy winter in the barn though with Coco and Eli spending their first winter there and our temporary rescue animal area having been set up, but it'll give plenty to keep our students busy. We've had a few more students this week at the farm, so we're working really hard to find the right person to come and join the team to support them. I'm sure the right person is out there for us, but until then the team will be enjoying the half term break.

There's so much more coming up which I'll be sharing over the coming weeks, but for now I'll finish with some thank yous. Firstly a huge thank you for the amazing things sent for Casey, I'm not sure who sent them, but the joy you have given with hot chocolate and sun glasses is amazing. We can't tell you how much it means to us. Also a huge thank you to Suze for following the project and helping us to develop things behind the scenes.

Until next time, keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

A Brief Introduction to Call Ducks

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