Helie with one of our new arrivals

We're back again for another weekly roundup from the Caenhill CC farm, I can't believe it's been another week already. While the team at the farm have been busy with new arrivals, Casey and I have been getting outside and doing some gardening, thankfully it takes a while to get any done so we've got plenty to keep us going. In between gardening we've been planning in lots of shoutouts, and we really do enjoy all of your shoutout requests, they're all so individual. If you'd like a shout out, please go to our form to avoid disappointment, it's such a busy time at the farm right now that Chris and Caroline can't always keep up with your direct messages. But I'm here at the other end of your shoutout form, and I can happily pass on any messages to the team, and you'll of course get a personal response.

After a busy Easter weekend with lots of live sessions the team hoped to have at least one quieter day, but the animals had other ideas and we had two sets of twin lambs born at the farm this week. On Tuesday, Jan welcomed twin girls who picked their names on Twitter live with and they're now called Fickle and Petal. While on Friday, Snowy finally welcomed twins too, a boy and a girl who also chose their names on Twitter live, and are now called Colin and Lexie. Thank you to everyone who has sent in name suggestions this week, Caroline is keeping them all ready for any new arrivals, so we'll be continuing to pick names from the hat to make sure the naming is as fair as possible.

We've also had some new arrivals hatch this week and on Tuesday we were surprised with some new Muscovy ducklings. We do try to limit the number of ducklings and chicks that hatch by taking away the eggs, but occasionally we have a well hidden nest. That said, ducklings are always a lovely surprise, but not as good as Caroline's surprise this week. If you've been following Caroline on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen that on Saturday she became a mum to our new baby gosling called Giggle.

Giggle is a Chinese Goose that was hatched by one of our Muscovy ducks. The egg was donated to the farm and put under one of our broody ducks to see what happened, and four weeks later Giggle arrived. Caroline is taking wonderful care of Giggle as you'd expect, and will be sharing the little one's progress as he grows. We've had Owen and Ceecee laying eggs this week too, so you never know, we might welcome more goslings at the farm in a few weeks or more.

Chris ready to work with our bees

It's not just been all about Spring arrivals this week, we've been working with our bees too. We actually have a few bee hives at the farm and with the weather getting warmer Chris has been setting up some bait boxes. In the Spring it's quite common for bees to swarm and look for a new home, and bate boxes are set-up to attract those swarms and ultimately set-up a new hive. So hopefully we'll have a few more busy honey bee hives up and running soon. Chris will be sharing the progress with our bees so keep a look out.

Of course the main focus for the team at the moment is the care of our animals, making sure they are all fed and well. There's still lots to do to move some our animals outside, but the farm is on lockdown and we aren't able to utilise the help from our students and volunteers. We're missing them all right now, but we'll have a big list of things for them to do when it's safe for them to return. But we're at least letting the animals utilise the lockdown and many of them are now roaming free, and Marlene the pig is the most recent addition to enjoy some of the freedom of the farm.

The team still need to have some fun of course, so we've been having a little dance party on Friday and Saturday night live feeds. So, if you're missing seeing a bit of daddy dancing make sure you tune in next weekend. Hopefully you'll be able to catch one of Chris' live feeds from his office too, he's extended the Wi-Fi and will be sharing some sheep feeding from the best office I know over the coming week.

If there's anything you'd like to see, hear more about, or even read a blog about, don't forget to let us know. But until then, or next time, keep safe.

Casey and Kara