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Casey loving some time with his Grampy

It's been another busy week at the farm this week, but that's farm life. When there are animals to look after and there's work to organise, there really isn't a day off or a chance to stay in bed. Well, Casey and I might have had a few longer sleeps this week, but that's the benefit of us not living on the farm, hehehe. We've even slept through a few too many rush hour lives on YouTube and I've missed joining the amazing morning crowd. I'm sure we'll be back to normal service in no time though, but until then we'll be catching up with the rush hours over our later breakfast.

I'm really excited that there has been a new set of live videos from the farm to add to the schedule though, as this week Chris and Caroline joined Dive. You might not have heard about Dive before as it's completely new, so new that Chris has been working with the development team. Though essentially, Dive is a live video streaming platform where you can join artists and creators across the world and have a say in what they share with you. We're really excited that Chris has been asked to join Dive and we're looking forward to seeing where it's all going to go. If you want to find out more about how it all works keep a look out for details of our live Dive sessions or download the app.

We're not just bringing you more from the farm through Dive, we're working towards opening up for some visits. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch asking about coming to see us, Chris is working on a form to help us book you in. We've got a few things going on in the background to get ready for you too, from signage to keep you safe, artwork which we hope everyone across all of our channels will enjoy and some path clearing too. It's really important that we only open as and when we know we're safe to do so.

Some of the work from this week wouldn't have been possible without some more of our volunteers coming back to join us. We're still not back to normal business with our volunteers, and we're only asking for help as and when needed, but it's been good to see some more faces return. A huge thank you to Sarah and Luke for all of their help with the animal care, getting the fields ready for hay making and tidying up. They've been brilliant.

Don't forget to see what Caroline's been up to on her vlog

Sarah also had the wonderful job of releasing the baby dove we'd taken in after a cat attack. The dove was finally strong enough to leave Chris and the other baby birds, but it's not forgotten us. We're still seeing the little one join us at the morning rush hour and a few other random times of the day.

We've seen a few other changes to our animal team this week as well. A few of our youngest goslings have gone off to a new home, we've enjoyed having them but it's always rewarding to see our animals move on and make others happy. While they settle into their new home, we're settling in our own addition to the animal team, a French ram called Henri. He came to us needing a new home and we'll be spending some time with him to get him used to his new surroundings before he joins the rest of our flock. The most exciting new addition has to be squish though, a little duckling that Chris found with its shell crushed around it on Monday's rush hour live. Chris rescued the little duckling one handed while live on YouTube and returned the baby to its mum after a little bit of extra care.

Of course I can't finish without saying a huge thank you again to everyone for their support this week. From the Bumblebee ladies joining us on Dive to help test the videos, to the amazing donations for your shoutout messages, to our patreons helping us have a regular income to take care of our animals, and finally the amazing people helping us by purchasing things on our Amazon wish list. We're so overwhelmed with the response to our wish list, we didn't expect it to be so popular. We'll be adding things as and when we need them, but if you have any idea for things you'd like to see on there please drop me a message. I really am honoured that some amazing people have chosen to support Casey and I through the wish list too, I can't even begin to tell you what it means to us and how much of a difference it'll make to our farm visits.

I'm sure I've forgotten something but don't forget that you can catch up with our videos on social media any time and if you want to know more about Caroline's life at the farm and at home, check out her amazing vlogs on her YouTube channel, Casey and I love them. For now I'll leave you with some more of our new additions who I'd completely forgotten about while I go and feed Teddy before she rewrites my blog, so until next week, keep safe.

Kara, Casey and TeddyEnter your text here ...


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