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Drone flying with Caroline and Chris

What a week it's been at the farm, an amazing week to mark the first anniversary of the farm rush hour going viral. It's been a busy year since Rachel Thompson shared the farm story on Mashable, we're so pleased that she found us and honoured that she wrote a follow up article one year on. A lot has changed at the farm in a year and we've all had to adapt the way we work, but the journey has been so much fun. I've written all about it in my personal blog if you want to read more, thank you so much to everyone who's read it.

The last year wouldn't have happened without Chris' ideas as well and he's certainly not short of them. Caroline and I always worry when Chris says he has an idea, but you just need to see what he came up with when he saw our group of ducklings to know his ideas are usually worth listening to. The mini rush hours Chris created this week were quite possibly the biggest mini rush hours we've had to date. I had so much fun helping to put one of these together, especially as it was just as cute behind the scenes lining up our little stars.

Our mini rush hour ducklings were courtesy of our muscovy ducks, all that duck dancing is certainly increasing the numbers. Though we are really pleased to share that our new runner ducks have added to their numbers too. We now have a beautiful little runner duck called Smile who hatched on Tuesday. Smile was hatched in our incubator, so not with the parents yet, but I'm sure it won't be long until he'll join them. Until then, if you haven't seen Smile running around the farm already, it's worth looking out for. This little one has the cutest run I've seen.

With caring for animals there are unfortunately sad stories too, no matter how well the animals are looked after, and this week we had to say goodbye to Dive the gosling. It's such a shame to have lost Dive after our other goslings went on to a new home, but we know we did everything possible, so we'll just look forward to having new goslings at some point in the future. Until then, we have our wonderful goose Cuthbert to look after.

Farmer Casey with his Nanny and his new wheelbarrow

We know a lot of you worry about Cuthbert, but unfortunately we don't always have time to respond to all of your messages, so if you are wondering how he is, he's doing alright and is having the best possible care. He had a tough time with his molt along with a fight with our other geese, so he's had a lot to recover from. Though now we're really happy to say that he's eating really well, his feathers are growing back and he's got no problem keeping the chickens away from his treats. We'll be keeping him out of the limelight a bit longer to let him build up his strength in his own time, but if you still want to catch him head over to YouTube and see our extended rush hour live or by watching again.

If you've been watching our rush hour recently, you might have noticed the beautiful bunch of wildflowers appearing on the door each morning. These are hand picked by Chris every day from our beautiful wildflower areas that we were able to plant thanks to Paul Jupp from Meadow in my Garden. It was great for Chris and Caroline to welcome Paul back to the farm for a visit this week as the flowers are now looking amazing and nature is really starting to take over. Hopefully Chris will be sharing a little more of the farm magic soon, including our wildflowers, now that he has a new drone.

That's right, a drone, I'm so excited. It's been Chris' dream to own a drone, so the team got together and finally bought him one. After all of his hard work, we really think he deserves it and now he cannot only check on the sheep from the comfort of his office, but he can easily film himself dancing too (I'm sorry about that one). I'm really looking forward to all of the videos to come across the social media channels, and maybe the chance to fly it for myself if I'm really, really lucky.

I've felt really lucky this week though, even without flying the drone because some amazing people out there sent some things for all of the team on the wish list, including Casey and I. I don't even know where to begin with how much this means to us all. We don't always know who some of the items come from, so if you've sent something please let us know so we can say a big thank you. For now I'll just say a huge thank you to Joanna for believing in Casey and I, and to Michele for her kindness and thinking of my little Teddy too.

Our wish list is changing all the time to meet the farm needs, so if there's nothing you want to send this time don't forget that there are other ways to support us. You can always get involved by sending Coco and Eli a postcard from your holidays too. Who knows, they might just be reading your message out next.

For now that's almost it for another week and I haven't even managed to mention Caroline's amazing new hair, don't forget to see YouTube for more from Caroline. Though I can't finish without saying a huge thank you for your well wishes sent to farmer Casey this week. As you might have read, this time last week he had to go to hospital for some tests and we were waiting on results. We didn't get any news, but I'm happy to say Casey is much better, especially after a surprise gift was sent to the farm. A big thank you to the person who sent him his own tractor with bales, he's been playing with it every day. I can't begin to tell you what your kindness means, the CaenhillCC viewers are really quite special.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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