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An egg-citing discovery with Chris and Caroline

It's my last blog before Christmas and I know everyone will be looking at next week with mixed emotions, especially in the U.K. at the moment. Of course Chris, Helie, Caroline and myself wish we had a magic wand which we could wave so you could all be with your loved ones and safe at this magical time of year. Though, failing that, we'll all still be here sharing the farm with you through Christmas Day and beyond.

I know I'm extremely lucky to have Farmer Casey to share the excitement with as he waits to see if Father Christmas has brought him any cement mixer trucks or tractors. Though when it comes to the farm and the work, Christmas is really like any other day. We might not do any extras like cleaning out on the day itself, but that means extra work before and after, plus there's still the animals to feed, water to top up, sheep to check and of course the lovely Oreo to walk. All alongside some special Christmas videos to post on social media.

Well, I say things are no different, though of course at the moment all of our birds are inside so there might be time for pudding without the animals to shut away again at night. You've probably heard us talking about our birds being in due to the current cases of bird flu (or avian flu) and while it's a big change I'm pleased to say that so far they've all adapted really well. With extra food, outdoor netted spaces and Casey's pond for a swim, all of our birds look happy.

Talking about birds being happy, we've had some really exciting news this week which you might have heard Chris tease about on Friday night live. Our emus are laying eggs. We've always thought we had two male emus, though it turns out we have one male and one female. Suddenly all of their strange behaviour over the summer, and strange sights at my car are making a lot more sense.

Del, or Delilah, is going back to the same place to lay her eggs so far and we're planning to leave them in situ if we can. She'll keep laying eggs for a few months yet, though who knows, maybe next Spring we'll have some baby emus doing the gate escape or rush hour. We'll take their lead on it all, it's really new territory for us.

A happy dance with Chris and Casey

Casey and I not only managed to be at the farm to share the exciting news, but we got to celebrate Coco the donkey's 12th Birthday as well. What does such a special donkey get for her Birthday I hear you ask. Well, in Coco's case, some fresh grass, a good brush down and a portrait from the very talented Caroline. Check out Caroline's social media or her website (where the picture is currently for sale at the time of writing this) for the final product, it's brilliant and I think Coco really liked it as well, it's going to look amazing in someone's home.

As if emu eggs and Coco's birthday weren't exciting enough, Casey made our farm day pretty special too. He not only fed the birds like usual, but he moved some woodchip for his Grampy, did some climbing, jumping, finally joined in with some dancing and had the best time with Caroline. He even made friends with Oreo the dog as well which is a huge step considering he's been afraid of dogs for as long as he could say. Seeing Casey's confidence grow at the farm, which has been significantly knocked this year, is the perfect example of the difference the farm can make in young people's lives. Casey's obviously a lot younger than our placements, but I'm a proud mum watching him try to help out until we can welcome the students back again.

Talking about proud, I'm super proud of our lovely farm dog Oreo this week as well, I know I've said this before, but I certainly think he deserves the credit again. He might not be a fan of our cats and he's not a regular in our videos just at the moment, but he's certainly making himself part of the team. The kindness and understanding he showed Casey is just another example of how far he's come as he's now able to put the distractions aside and simply enjoy the company he's given. I really do hope Oreo and Casey will become firm friends.

One animal that's not a fan of Oreo, other than our cats, is Bumblebee. Unfortunately Bumblebee can get a bit jealous of the attention Oreo gets from Chris, though she's at least acting a little more like a sheep now she's spending more time out in the fields away from the buckets. She has returned this week though, just in time to be the bouncer at our first few gate escapes and it seems as though nobody is allowed through. Not even a bucket is moving Bumblebee from the gate some days, though hopefully she'll get used to the new routine in no time at all and let our birds rush out of the gate for their brunch.

Talking about our gate escape, we had our first live version this morning on YouTube, thank you to everyone who joined. We've been doing fewer live feeds over the last week while we get used to the new routines and workload, but keep a lookout for more. We'll certainly bring you some live feeds over Christmas, unfortunately not on the big day, but hopefully we can join you on Boxing Day. We still have our pantomime in planning too, so keep a lookout for more details, we've currently planned this for 29 December.

I'm sure there will be plenty to update you on over the festive season, though for now I'll leave you with a thank you and this week I want to say thank you to all of our supporters including you. By following, sharing our amazing farm and supporting in whatever way you can, you are making a difference. All of your messages, cards, gifts, donations and general kindness have helped to keep our project alive through these challenging times and helped us all smile through the hard work and time away from our loved ones. For that we cannot thank you enough.

Wishing you the happiest Christmas possible. 

Until next time, keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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