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Chris and his little farmer in training

It's been a busy week for all of team CaenhillCC while we try to catch up on essential work and new projects, but while I should be giving myself a rest, I have a baby who likes to keep me awake. So, instead of scrolling through social media or staring at the nursery walls, I thought I'd write my blog. Give you a bit of an update with a Father's Day twist being as it's Father's Day here in the UK. Sending my best wishes to all of the dads out there celebrating today and also thinking of everyone who finds this day difficult.

In my family we've never gone big on Father's Day, it's mostly been an excuse for us to spend time together as a family. I'm pleased to say this is still the same for us, even now that I share my dad with a whole host of animals, his social media channels and amazing followers, plus students, placements and volunteers at the farm. He's a busy man that's certainly in demand, though regardless of how busy he is, he always has time for his family. He even gave up his sleep and left his cosy bed in the middle of the night before the busiest day at the farm (a Wednesday) to look after my little farmer when my youngest decided to arrive last month. I am very thankful for everything he does to help me and proud of everything that he's achieved.

My dad isn't only there for his family, he's there for his friends and I'd say he's there for his followers too. You'll no doubt know that he spends his mornings (other than Mondays) sharing the best part of the day at the farm across the world. Starting the day, or interrupting the night of people across the world with his positivity. Luckily the weather has mostly been on our side this week and it's been warm with our emus wanting a shower, but he's been there through ice, wind and rain over the months too. He's been sharing his weekends through visits, Duke of Edinburgh award sessions and our latest Friday night volunteering group giving more people a chance to get a hands on farm experience which could otherwise not be available. It was great to see some news faces appear this Friday. Plus he is posting and developing content every day in the hope to help educate and of course, share some smiles. Keep a look out for the most recent slow motion videos of our animals, it's not only Duran our peacock who looks amazing in slow motion.

My dad certainly doesn't stop either, he rarely even pauses for sleep and I constantly wish I could function on as little sleep as him at the moment. Even on quieter news weeks like this week, it's never actually quiet for the farm team, there's just more opportunities to focus on developing the farm, meeting new placements like he was able to this week, keeping updated with schools, including teacher visits which Chris hosted with Claire this week, and taking more time to focus on everything needed day to day.

The job isn't only busy, it can be stressful as well. You never really know what will happen around the farm every day. Whether some new chicks will appear just before rush hour who need to be rescued ahead of the animals rush, just like yesterday morning with our bantam and her babies. Whether all of the animals have behaved and stayed in their pens, which mostly they do, although Eli went for a stroll last weekend leaving Coco and Chris worried with no signs of where he escaped (don't worry, he was safe around the farm and soon returned once Chris was up to get him back in). Then there's the surprise of the animals we might be involved in helping, with limited funds we can't always help but we do what we can. Thankfully this week it was all quiet on the new animal front other than the bantam chicks I already mentioned, in fact we might have one less animal. Our latest resident cat Jazz is currently trialling a new home, he did settle into farm life well but was a bit shy when it got busy. As such, we couldn't ignore the potential of a loving new home for him where we know he will be well cared for.

Back with my dad at the farm and I'll be back soon

Despite all of the demands on Chris, he certainly knows how to have fun as well. Whether it's starting a water fight for the Dotty Club children because the weather was finally good enough this Wednesday evening. Or, starting a clay fight with Caroline or Claire who've been helping with our pond area this week where the ground is mostly clay. Well done Claire for all of the hard work on the pond despite the heat we had at the start of the week. As well as working on new ideas, whether they're his own, or with someone who supports our farm, like our local radio station BBC Wiltshire. Chris was back on the radio with the animals in the barn this week for Bumblebee's latest football prediction for Euro 2020. Bumblebee predicted an England win against Scotland which unfortunately didn't come true, but we didn't give her a draw option so we'll wait and see her next prediction to see how accurate her predictions are.

My dad certainly deserves to feel special this Fathers Day, and I want to say thank you to everyone who helps him feel special every day. The support the farm gets through our Patreon site to keep our project alive and his animals fed means such a lot to him and the rest of our team. The items you send from our wish list to support our team, our activities, our animals, and generally keep us going is beyond kind. We are grateful for each and every item, but unfortunately we don't always know who items are from so I just want to say now thank you everyone. Plus a big thank you to Anna for even supporting me and my boys through the list, I'd never thought that I'd get to experience such kindness through the farm too, it means such a lot. Then there's your shout outs, we're always blown away that some of you, our fantastic followers, choose us to be a part of your celebrations or special messages. The donations you send for your shout outs go to great use. Then lastly, there's your time, so many of you join live, share Chris' videos and give your time and I know Chris appreciates you being there just like I do.

I think that's all this week, I hope you enjoyed the different blog.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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