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Afternoon rush hour with Casey

With children returning to school in the UK and the temperatures slowly but surely getting colder, it's safe to say the summer pretty much is over. What a summer it's been at the farm though, there've been lots of live streams to share the farm with you, the first of our volunteers returning, Casey and I back with the animals, our first tours and joining Dive. I'm sure I've missed a good few highlights, but for me it'll always be the summer when Casey learnt to get along with the emus.

I'm a little sad to say goodbye to the summer, but there's so much coming up at the farm, I can't stop and miss it all for long. To start with there's the CaenhillCC calendar which I mentioned last week, we're working really hard to finalise it now that we have a print on demand company secured. Without the worry of posting the calendars out ourselves, we might even manage to put a couple of extra versions out there, so watch this space for more news.

We also have the return of our students and we had our first student return this week. As exciting as it is to have students back, it's going to be a slow and steady process to maintain the safety for our team as well as the students themselves. We have lots of guidance in place, but now it's time to see how everything works and develop a safe break space for when the weather isn't quite so kind to us.

There's also some special content coming your way with plans for Halloween, Christmas Day and maybe even New Year. Though we'll hopefully kick off our special content with Cuthbert. Since two of our other geese picked a fight with Cuthbert we've been inundated with messages asking about him and sending best wishes. We've done our best to keep you updated through YouTube rush hour live, my blogs and the occasional video, but it's been most important to give Cuthbert some rest. Now he's looking brighter, starting to try and move around and has a new set of wheels to build up his muscles, we're hoping to bring you a bit more from our star. Keep watching CaenhillCC for more news soon.

Another busy day at the farm with my dad

While you've been missing Cuthbert, we've been missing Caroline who's had a bad back, but we're so happy that she's made a couple of farm appearances over the last week. Although Caroline more than deserves the rest, she's been super busy over the last few weeks working on some beautiful commission pieces and setting up her own shop. Chris and I will be setting up our own shop in time, but ours will be a different style to Caroline's, so if you like Caroline's artwork definitely check her shop out and have a coffee with Ken, or head out with the rush hour.

While we've been busy working on so many ideas and even bringing the occasional live TikTok to your mornings, we've of course had our animals to look after as well. Casey has been busy learning to be a farmer with his Grampy with his first rush hour, just an afternoon version, so he's even busier on farm visits with the lambs milk to make too. Violet is pretty much anywhere that Chris is, with Devon the lamb not far behind. Milky the silkie has potentially settled on just one boyfriend, while Trigger actually stopped snoring for a bit, I doubt it'll last though.

So all that's left to do is say thankyou, and this week I'd like to say a big thank you to Luca and Anne who very kindly sent Chris the wildlife camera from our Amazon wish list. Chris has already been able to capture some deer, rabbits and badgers out on the farm. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he captures next, thanks Luca and Anne for your support.

Don't forget that if you'd like to write your own blog about the farm, animals or nature just like me and our followers Sarah and Rosemary just get in touch, you can read their guest blogs here.

Until next time, keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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