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New eggs arriving thanks to Caroline

While pregnancy has been catching up with me bringing the energy levels down meaning I've had to rest more, there's been no time for rest at the farm this week. It's a good job they don't need me with the regular duties really. Chris has been preparing for some projects which I promise I'll share with you as soon as I can and things are starting to warm up a little so we can finally concentrate on more cleaning up around the farm ahead of everything to come instead of defrosting everything.

Before work could fully start on the clean up, there was one more arrival to kick start our farming week with another of our Wiltshire Horn sheep giving birth. Thankfully both mum and her little girl are doing well and we've had another break before any more arrivals. We are on goat watch now though with the first of their babies expected any time now as I write this and I'm fully expecting this news to be out of date as soon as I publish.

There will of course be new arrivals across the next few months with the start of Spring and our birds coming into their breeding season. We already have Rodney sat on some emu eggs and Cherry the duck sat on a mixture of eggs no doubt, though hopefully they will all turn out to be ducks too. Plus we've had our beautiful goose Benedict laying eggs, Cuthbert's daughter, and hopefully we'll be able to hatch another generation of the Cuthbert gene before too long.

It's important to bring in new genes to our bird population from time to time as well and we're super excited to share that we're hoping to hatch another type of goose. We have some sebastopol goose eggs in our incubator thanks to Caroline. When incubating eggs we can never be fully sure that the eggs are fertilised, but we really hope so because these geese are not only beautiful, but will bring more diversity to our existing gaggle. We'll find out if the eggs have been successful in the next 28 days or so.

Talking of Caroline, although she's been spending time away from the farm to re energise and work on some new projects, she's kindly been back a little this week. She's been supporting Chris on some new videos and ideas and even agreed to get into the pond for your entertainment. Keep a look out for Caroline's videos, including a special cat edition featuring my very own Teddy back when he was sweet and innocent, on social media. Plus, if you are a Patreon to the farm you'll be able to see the full ice pond challenge with Chris and Caroline, what a shame I'm pregnant and can't join in.

Claire taking great care of our growing lambs

We do have one animal who we're happy to see back joining in though, and that's Ken the rooster. Don't worry, we didn't put Ken in the ice pond, we wouldn't even dream of it, instead he's back joining in with the morning chorus. He'd been on crowing strike for a little while, we suspect it's while he found his feet following the bird lockdown due to avian flu, but he's finally back. It's great to hear him crowing again, hopefully there's loads more crowing to come.

While Ken has found his feet again, our little lambs are really starting to grow up and before I've even managed to meet them. Clayton and Gru are not only reducing their time between feeds, although Chris is still having to get up in the night for them, they are eating like all of the big sheep now. They've not only nibbled on the hay, but have been starting to enjoy the grass now there's less of a frost. As soon as the weather improves they will get even more time outside to enjoy the grass though for now they'll get morning walks and the sheep rush hour for a break from the barn.

It's so important to us to see our animals happy, healthy and growing just like our orphan lambs Clayton and Gru. We know you all love to support us with this too, so I just wanted to let you know we're looking at more ways for you to support them too. You can of course already have a coffee with some of the farm favourites thanks to Caroline's merchandise and get me to plan in a shoutout by filling in our form, but we have more ideas. I'll share some of the existing ways that you can support but perhaps might not have known about in coming blogs, but more exciting than that is we have new ideas starting with quizzes. We don't quite know how well these will work just yet and we're testing a system, but if all goes well we'll have quiz nights for you to join, support the farm and of course win some prizes so keep looking out for more news soon.

I think that's everything for now, though I want to finish with a thank you. Firstly, thank you to Anna in the Netherlands for her donation, it means so much to us and we can't thank her enough. Also a big thank you to Susan and Cathy for their support for the farm. Susan very kindly provided us with a new incubator to allow us to bring new birds into the farm while Cathy kindly sent a brilliant supply of cat food. Receiving items that we need around the farm really means so much and makes a huge difference to us, our work and our animals, so a huge thank you to them both. It's sometimes difficult to keep our wish list updated and other times we'll be able to source items cheaper elsewhere, so if you'd like to support the farm by sending some items bare with us. Don't forget there are so many other ways to support too and we appreciate everything you do to help.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

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