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Chris, Taz and Oreo.

It's really busy at the farm at the moment but I think it's fair to say that this week has been the week of Taz, our baby emu. It feels like we've been talking about the potential of baby emus for a while now, though it was only back in mid-December that our first eggs appeared confirming we had a breeding pair.

Before I talk more about Taz, there has of course been loads more going on at the farm. Between all of our exciting news we've been working on making the farm easier to manage with more placements. We only have one back in for now, though we're of course working towards more so we've had some essential plumbing work carried out in our dairy. We hope this will improve hand washing facilities and enable us to wash down spaces more regularly.

We of course have our new projects we're working on as well. This will include lots more from our new branding, keep an eye on our channels over the next few weeks to find out more, but I will tell you now that Caroline and I have been planning some new items. Chris may even have a few surprises up his sleeve too. Plus we have our quiz which we've been working with the developer on. We aren't able to host a quiz today due to the workload at the farm, but please keep an eye on our channels for more news because we are looking forward to hosting a quiz night again for you soon. I think it'll be worth the wait. 

As we head towards the nicer weather though and less restrictions, which hopefully means we can host a few visits, Casey and I are planning to spend less time at the farm. Don't worry, we're still going to remain a part of the team if Chris lets us, we're just going to have a new arrival of our own on our hands. It's now only weeks until Casey becomes a big brother and I'm having to finally admit I'm pregnant and slow down. We're really going to miss our regular visits, but we at least have a few more we need to fit in and we'll of course be back when we can. I'll let you know how our support might change a little when we know more, but for now we'd better finish a few little projects with the team.

Talking of visits, Casey and I were back at the farm this week to work with Chris which came with the added bonus of meeting Taz the emu. It's hard to believe that it was almost two years ago that Casey and I met a mini Rodney and Del and now they have a baby. I know Taz hatched in an incubator, but it was an egg from our pair which makes the little one all the more special to us as a team. We can't wait to share Taz growing up with you and hopefully making a first rush hour appearance before too long.

I wonder who Caroline and Casey are throwing hay at?

We did of course hope to have an emu rush hour after all of the eggs Del laid, but unfortunately only one egg hatched on Monday, and that was Taz. We waited a few days for some more signs but neither the eggs in the incubator or under Rodney started to hatch. We aren't entirely sure what happened, but we think the frost could have affected the eggs during the cold spell we had earlier in the year. We can't be too disappointed though, we do have one little miracle to show for our very first emu breeding season who is no doubt going to be a star. We've already had a press photo shoot for Taz, keep a look out for pictures in the press over the coming week and who knows what else is next.

Thankfully there's no chance of Taz being lonely between photo shoots having already met our kid goats, which I was lucky enough to witness when we took the kids out to play during my visit. Having lots of attention from Chris and Caroline which is really important in these early days to build a bond. Plus, having a new friend that hatched out on Friday, a sebastopol gosling named Wiggle.

If you don't know sebastopol geese, it's definitely worth a google, they are really amazing and it's the first of this kind we've had at the farm. Unfortunately it looks like we're going to have just one for now, but as we know from Giggle, the gosling will still settle into farm life without a problem. Who knows, Giggle and Wiggle might even become the best of friends and hopefully we'll get another chance to try again with some goose eggs to add some fresh genes into our flock before too long.

I think that's about it from the farm for now, but before I go I want to tell you that we've heard the bird lockdown will be lifted at the end of this month. I'm so excited about this and I'll tell you more about it next week so, until then, I'll leave you with a thank you. This week it's a huge thank you to Neil, a family friend and an important part of our project over the years. Neil came back into the project this week to complete our plumbing work for us and gave up his own time to do this. We can't thank him enough for getting our water facilities working again and everything else he's created at the project.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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