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Join Chris and Caroline on Dive to see what they get up to at the farm.

Every time I sit and think that perhaps the week has been a little quieter at the farm, I go to my laptop and scroll through the CaenhillCC social media channels and realise that, as usual, there's loads to say. Then I think about everything the team has achieved behind the scenes too and suddenly I'm worried about boring you, so in the interest of avoiding creating some bedtime reading I'll get on with it.

With the year being far from what we had planned, there's a lot of work going on in the background to understand what our new normal looks like. We can't be sure exactly what it's all going to look like just yet, but Helie has been working hard in the background to get procedures in place and look at our funding. You might not see Helie on camera, but she's there everyday and she's done a fab job with securing some more funds recently. We hope these funds will help develop the way we work and who knows, maybe even get some help with the day to day of running of the project. We'll make sure we keep you updated with how we get on and any changes we might be able to make

Of course the farm keeps going thanks to everyone out there as well. Everyone that has sent a donation, joined our farm tours, has signed up to be a patreon or has joined us on Dive. That's right, Dive isn't just a new platform to live stream on, it's a platform that lets you help shape the stream by sending a donation for what you want to see, as long as it's family friendly. It's a lot of fun for Chris and Caroline to film and for everyone to watch and you can tune in tonight. They'll be live from the farm at 6pm (UK time) today, taking your suggestions and the most creative suggestion will win $30, what have you got to lose? If nothing else, you'll have a bit of a laugh and help to keep our project going.

We're still amazed by all of your support through the Amazon wish list too. Casey has already started brushing up to get ready for visitors with his new brush, thank you so much to whoever sent it. Then when he has a break, he has his new water bottle from Cathy so that he can stop taking mummy's. It's not just Casey getting treats though, Teddy is very grateful for her new bowls, the team are getting treats which are lifting all of our spirits, and the other animals get a few things to enjoy too. Casey and I had so much fun giving the guinea pigs their new chews while Violet mostly enjoyed the boxes. The list might be a little empty at the moment, but we'll be sure to add things as and when the need comes up.

The sunflowers telling myself and Caroline about their fundraising plans.

We've got some new halters for our goats Margot and Paris thanks to the wish list as well and it meant the cheeky pair could join our Saturday tour group for a walk around the farm this week. I haven't joined a tour myself just yet, but I love chatting to Chris afterwards and hearing how it all went. Thank you to everyone who's visited so far and a huge thank you to Julia and Perry too for all of their help getting ready to welcome everyone. Their tidying has been an amazing influence on Bumblebee the sheep as well, I think she tried to wash up after the last tour. Bumblebee, I've got plenty you can do here too if you fancy it.

But what about the animals, what have they been up to other than joining our tours and enjoying some treats? Well, thanks to the great British weather, our rush hours have been a little unpredictable this week, with so much wind towards the end of the week the animals wanted to hide out in the barn, even our pigs Marlene and Trigger found their own way in and made themselves a bed. Though with a bit meditation with Bumblebee and some tasty vegetables, the rush hour is back on track now and even the ducklings want to join in.

Marlene and Trigger have been really interested in everything going on in the barn this week really, and they even created their own rush hour. Maybe it wasn't a rush, a bit more of the slow crawl we're all used to at rush hour in our cars, but they did it. I just need to get Smile the runner duck fully trained up to take some photos of these things when I'm not there, he made a good start this week but I think my camera might have been a little heavy.

I know I've had a few questions about our animals on my social media accounts this week as well, please feel free to send me your questions any time. Unfortunately there's just not enough time to feature every animal at the farm, but we do our best. Don't forget you can still catch Cuthbert on Rush Hour live on YouTube (or by watching the recording again). Cuthbert is doing ok, he just needs to build his strength back up. Daisy the cow is growing up too quick and enjoying life out in the fields and regularly gets plenty of banana treats. While some of our ducks are sneaking out the back of the barn in the morning meaning you miss some of our favourites at rush hour, but they're all doing well.

Before I finish, I can't forget our flowers as well. We might not have them with us all year, but when they are at the farm they like to leave a lasting impression. They'll be hosting a Christmas party next week as well as working on their very special plans to bring some funds into the farm. All of this between providing some decoration for our rush hour door I don't know where they get the time. I'll share more details soon.

I hope that's everything, but if you fancy writing a summary of the farm yourself, telling us about how you found us, or what the countryside means to you, how about writing your own blog? We now have a guest blog open and we'd love for you to write about anything you fancy as long as it's related to farming or the countryside. A huge thank you to Sarah who wrote our first guest blog all about finding the farm and how the animals bring us all together, it's such a great read. To follow in Sarah's footsteps just get in contact with myself or Chris and we'll let you know what to do next. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to write.

I'll sign off for now, but keep a look out for some of the amazing feedback we've had that I'll share with you really soon.

Keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy

Capturing Moments In Time
That Which Brings Us Together

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