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Thanks Claire for helping get the cows out

 Well, it's not quite a podcast yet, I'm still working on those as I'm not much of a talker, but I'm back and I'm still looking at how to keep you all updated. I was hoping to have it all figured out by now but with Dexter's early arrival, Casey settling into nursery and myself having been a little under the weather we've been less available than expected. One thing we do know though is that we really miss the farm, if only we were a bit closer down the road.

We've been catching our daily doses of the farm from home though, along with you, all while the rest of the team has been really busy. They've had a couple of soggy Dotty Clubs for our youngest recruits, it certainly hasn't dampened their enthusiasm though as they'll happily work and dance for as long as possible. Chris has moved our weekend volunteers to a new evening slot with our weekends at the farm getting busier, hopefully they'll help Chris have a break. Plus we've been building our connections again with local schools and meeting potential placements now we can start to welcome more students back.

None of the work we do is possible without funding though, so building on the ways you can support is essential. We're continuing to develop the extra content for our amazing Patreons, a big thank you to each and every one of them for helping to keep our animals happy each month. We're super happy to see more of your shoutout requests coming in, please keep them coming, we love helping you all celebrate even though you can start seeing your loved ones more easily. Plus we'll be launching a new shop soon, so keep an eye out for more news coming your way.

There are of course the animals to look after between everything else and over the last couple of weeks there's been so much going on. We've had some ducklings arrive, mostly all hatched out by their mum, although a few needed a bit of help. Well done Claire for helping with a hatching for the very first time, it's a delicate job and she did amazingly. The ducklings have already had their very first rush hour with help from Wiggle and I'm sure there will be loads more to come.

Of course it wouldn't be CaenhillCC without some geese too and while Wiggle is getting fluffier, and Apple and Banana are getting bigger, the rest of our geese are still in breeding season. There's not usually too much to report at breeding season other than our geese being a little grumpier than usual. This season is different though with Owen hatching out a gosling of her own. We're all really excited by this as our geese haven't been the best parents in the past and goslings seem to appear from under ducks more than geese. Unfortunately though, we'll have to wait to see our little gosling walking around the farm behind mum as Owen has been determined to wait for more eggs to hatch. We've temporarily taken her baby into our cabin for some extra care, though hope they will be reunited soon. For now though, Chris is back playing mummy goose to little Carrot.

It's not just Owen giving us some exciting goose news though, there's Mr Honk. I'm really pleased to report that he's finally made his way out of the rush hour door. That's right, the Honk has been out and about at the front of the farm. There's hope he'll join the rush hour soon. Maybe he's been helping Coco and Eli on a carrot hunt while they are back inside after the wet weather made their paddock too muddy. Come on sunshine, we all want to get outside.

Talking about being outside, our cows are finally out in the field. Their area was coping better with the rain than Coco and Eli's paddock, so Chris took the chance to let them out for some fresh grass. Our cows always love their first venture out and this time was certainly no different, they left all seriousness at the gate to run, jump and generally frolic out in the field again. While Daisy did a good job at joining in with the rest of the herd, she did decide she wasn't quite ready for life in the field yet. She took on our gate, managed to jump out of the field and was soon back in the warmth of the barn again. We'll let her stay a bit longer as she chose to be inside, but at least the rest of the cows are happy with the extra space and grass.

I think that's the main news, so for now I'll leave you with a thank you. There are so many thank yous I could say this week from some amazing supporters, to lovely messages and some of the best visitors we've had. For now though, I want to say thank you to everyone for all of the best wishes for myself, Mark and Casey on the arrival of baby Dexter. There's not quite enough hours to sleep, eat, play and clean, it's been quite a juggle, but I'm very lucky to have two wonderful boys. Your best wishes mean so much to us all. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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