Caroline and our latest gosling Benedict

I can't believe we're at another weekly update already. I hope you've had a good week. Casey and I have been trying to take a little bit of time out to get organised, and I'm hopeful for some time to recharge our batteries. All while Chris, Caroline and Helie have been working hard and looking at ideas to share more from the farm with you.

I really hope you enjoyed one of the most recent ideas, a farm video magazine which Chris and Caroline shared last Sunday. It's a great opportunity to share more from the farm with you and let you know a little bit more about how we work and what we do. Casey and I were really happy to be asked to be a part of it too, we had so much fun putting together a clip using some of Caey's ideas, even if I did get completely soaked in the filming. It's still available on the Caenhill Countryside Centre YouTube channel if you haven't checked it out and don't forget to subscribe so you're first to know when we have the next edition.

If that's not enough to get you heading across to YouTube, Chris and Caroline have been going live there as well. It's not the same as the live's we've grown to love, they've given it more of a personal touch, and are chatting from the comfort of the cabin. I love this new approach to live at the farm, it's just like being sat in the cabin with Chris and Caroline chatting about everything that's coming up. There've been a few special guests from the animal team already and hopefully some exciting announcements next week.

One of the special YouTube guests has been Benedict who I'm so excited to see join the animal team this week. We really weren't sure he'd hatch at all and Chris initially though he was a runner duck, but we were all so excited when we realised it was actually one of Owen's eggs that had hatched. Such a special surprise deserved a special name, so we've named the latest gosling Benedict in tribute to a very dear friend of the farm. With only a month between Giggle and Benedict we really hope they'll be great friends.

It seems we have a few new stars in the making at the farm, all of which I can't wait to meet. Giggle had his very first rush hour appearance with Caroline this week, I can't believe he's already big enough to start joining in with the other animals. We're all really proud of how well he's settling into farm life. We've seen a little more of Violet and her sibling too this week, I just wish I could bring Violet's sibling home, I'm already in love and I've only seen the little one on video. Plus we've got Chris and Caroline's creation, Strawbella, keeping watch of our sunflowers who I am sure will have loads to say.


While we get the new stars in training we've given Cuthbert a bit of a break from the rush hour to build up his strength and get back to full fitness. Cuthbert's a bit like Chris though and isn't happy just sitting around, so we've given him an office and an email address and asked him to help with some of the farm admin. Turns out he's been sending some really cheeky responses, so I can't hand over the shoutout requests just yet, but at least he apologised. We'll leave him to work on his list of demands for a little longer.

We really do have some fantastic things coming up on the farm in the coming weeks including some more illustrations from Caroline ready to share more farm stories with you. I really love all of her illustrations so far and I know the best is yet to come. Plus we'll be working on some new video ideas for YouTube, bringing you some great announcements, and continuing all of the content we know you've grown to love.

Don't forget that if you want a shoutout, want to give us some feedback, or have a question, Casey and I are always available on email.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey