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Casey and Nanny enjoying the hay making

Happy six year anniversary CaenhillCC, what a six years it has been. In a way it feels like the project started just yesterday, while in another way it feels like it's been going forever. I guess in a way the farm project has been going forever for me since it's based on the farm where I grew up and I couldn't be more proud of everything my parents have achieved there. To have my childhood home enjoyed by the local community and all across the world is really quite special. The most special thing though, is how the beautiful piece of English countryside offers so much happiness, especially to the animals the project takes in.

I've had so many amazing times at the project through the years that it's difficult to pick my favourite time. I've really enjoyed helping take care of all of the lambs we've taken in, especially Dotty (our first ever orphan lamb) who Chris surprised me with one Easter. Being a cat person, I've enjoyed all of the cats who've come and gone from the farm, especially Smudge who is not only my little Teddy's mum, but the happiest cat I know. I've really enjoyed meeting so many fantastic volunteers, many who've become friends to my parents and some that I am lucky enough to have spent time and made friends with too. Though mostly, I have enjoyed sharing the farm with my little farmer Casey, through the project he's learnt to be caring and hard working and I am so proud. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future of the project brings.

It's been a really great week leading up to the farm's anniversary, especially with an incredible team coming together for the farm's hay making. Having a good stock of hay is really valuable to the farm with it feeding so many of our animals and we've always aimed to make our own. With everything being a little different at the farm due to the current pandemic we had a lot more machinery in than usual to help with the hay process, but it was an amazing sight. Being such a special sight, I couldn't miss the chance to take farmer Casey along to watch and to say he had a great time is an understatement. He might not have been sure of all of the machines parked up in the field, but as soon as they started working he was giving the drivers their orders in no time. A huge thank you to the small but dedicated team that came in to make it all possible, we couldn't have done it all without you. Keep a look out for Caroline's vlog on the whole hay making process, I'm sure it's going to be something really, really fantastic to watch .

Chris vlogging with Caroline

With the whole hay making process taking up a few days, from cutting the grass, drying it out, baling it up and storing it safely away from the great British weather, it's a wonder we've had time for anything else. Somehow we find a way though. We've had Sarah helping with animal care and cleaning up, Luke helping dry the grass and collect the loose hay, Trudy back today to help with the rounds while Chris, Helie, Caroline and myself are working hard to keep everything going in the background. Plus Chris is still live at rush hour on YouTube every morning too, I don't know where he finds his energy.

We're continuing to go live on Dive too. With the Dive social media platform being so new there are obviously still a few things for the team to iron out, but we're so excited to be working with them to do this. We're enjoying working with them so much that we've named our new gosling Dive. Yes, that's right, a new gosling and we're so excited about the little arrival that hatched on Tuesday evening. Chris has been spending a lot of time with little Dive, and even took it to hay making. Keep a lookout on our social media feeds for times that you can join Dive live on Dive.

We have a few more new arrivals around the farm, including some that I forgot to mention last week. We have some beautiful silkie chickens that joined us last week after really needing a new home, we'll be letting them out as soon as they're settled in and we know they're healthy. We have some baby bunnies from our rescue rabbits who were unexpected, but what the sweetest surprise, they now have their eyes open so can start to explore the farm. Plus we even have some new ducklings. With all of these babies and new arrivals around the farm it can be difficult to find time out for some relaxation, but Bumblebee has been there to help and had her first meditation client this week too.

With the farm being so busy, your support has been so very much appreciated, everyone who's watched and shared our content makes it all worthwhile. All of your support and donations keep the project alive. While all of your really kind wish list purchases give us all a real boost. Casey and I received our first wish list items when we went to the farm this week and I can't begin to tell you what it means to us. To have everything that we do be appreciated enough for people to send us things that help us all at the farm is something really special. Cathy, Rose, you are amazing, I wish I could capture how happy you've made us.

After an amazing week, it was such a shame to end it with a poorly farmer Casey who needed a hospital visit just to make sure he was ok. He was a super brave little boy and his tests all came back telling us it's nothing serious. He's picking up really well with some medicine and lots of love from his family. It's made us a little slower at getting back to some of you and writing this, but we're looking forward to being back to normal in no time at all.

So that's it for another week, until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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