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Chris and Caroline on camera

What a week it's been at the farm, there's been some sunshine, some radio and a few extra cameras around. It's certainly not been boring while we wait to see which of our goose eggs hatch in the incubator and whether we'll actually have some baby emus.

While we have been awaiting the new arrivals, we did welcome a very rare newcomer to the farm, Simon the rooster who I didn't get chance to talk about last week. We get a lot of requests to take in roosters as they can be disruptive, especially in housing estates when they start to crow. Unforutney roosters don't always mix well so we can't bring them all in and it's even more difficult now our birds are in lockdown due to avian flu. We did agree to take Simon in though after he'd been found abandoned with nowhere else to go and he arrived with us last Saturday. A big thank you to Simon, one of our followers, who got in touch and brought the rooster to us along with supplies to keep him fed.

With Simon settling into the farm in quarantine to ensure he doesn't bring any diseases into our flock, our team have been looking after themselves too. Now, I'm really pleased to say that Chris, Helie, Caroline and Claire have now had their first COVID-19 vaccinations. This will not only keep the team healthy ensuring they are there for our animals, but allow us to look at welcoming select placements before too long. There's still a bit of work to do before we can fully welcome our placements back, but we're really happy to be heading in the right direction.

Although we can't have visitors or placements just yet, it's still great to share the farm in other ways. We've of course been live with the gate escape in the mornings on Facebook and YouTube and had some afternoon live sessions, but we were also back sharing the fun on the radio this week. Chris joined BBC Radio Wiltshire to continue their feature on Spring during their Thursday morning show with all of the added sound effects from the farm. It was great for Chris to be back speaking to one of our favourite radio teams and bring a bit of the countryside across the airwaves to our local community.

Of course we enjoy working with teams we've built a relationship with, though it's always really exciting when we get new opportunities too and this week we had a fantastic opportunity for the farm when we welcomed Matt and Lucille. Chris and I have been speaking to Matt over the last few weeks and this week he came to film us for BBC Countryfile, yes, the farm is going to be on television. It's just a short feature, but we're really honoured to be asked to be a part of such a fantastic show and we should feature on their Easter Sunday broadcast. There's still a lot for Matt to put together and the show is a little way off yet, so I won't tell you any more but I will give you some extra information closer to the big day.

Casey getting stuck in helping Claire and Helie at the farm

Thankfully I joined the team for a very little bit of the day to enable me to get some photos of the shoot and a few things to help me to continue supporting the project from home. It was fantastic to have the rare chance to be at the farm with the team while Casey had a much needed break from me by helping Helie and Claire. We've really missed our visits and can't wait for restrictions to ease enough for lots more fun farm visits, but hopefully we'll at least get a few chances to get back and work before I'm home and on full baby alert. There's a lot to be put in place before the next little farmer arrives both at home and at the farm, but I'm pleased to say that Casey has done me proud this week in helping me get so many things sorted and being amazing around the farm.

Between all of the busy activity promoting the farm and looking after the team there are still the animals to look after as well. Oreo is doing a great job in being around the barn a little more which gives him even more freedom, he's certainly very tired by the end of the day. There are still no more lambs so, we could have another year like last with our flock just not producing many, the lambs we do have are getting the opportunity to be out in the field in the sunshine so at least they are really happy. We're still waiting on kid goats, but honestly, it could be any day now, we thought we might have our first yesterday but it was a false alarm.

I think that's all for this week, but keep a lookout for something new coming your way next week thanks to some creative support from Maddie. But, until then I want to say a couple of thank yous. The first is to our newest team member Claire. I finally had the opportunity to meet her this week and she is just as lovely as she appears to be in Chris' videos, but this isn't why I want to say thank you. She has worked incredibly hard this week getting the farm looking its best for the TV camera along with all of her usual rounds and even put in some extra hour and if that wasn't enough she was amazing with Farmer Casey too. She got him helping with the rounds and I took one incredibly happy little farmer home. Also another thank you to Matt and Lucille for understanding our vision with the farm, I'm sure they are going to put something incredible together.

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 

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