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Filming with Chris, Caroline, Giggle and Benedict

It's been a really exciting week all around this week with the most exciting development at the farm being the arrival of Cadbury the goose. Cadbury's not only super special because he/she (we're not sure which yet, but we guess it'll be a boy by his behaviour) was hatched out on my wedding anniversary, but also because Cuthbert and Owen are his parents. Our very own farm marvellous creation. Chris and Caroline needed to give Cadbury a little help to hatch out, but after an exhausting start to life he's doing so well and has settled into life with ducklings Fruit and Nut. I've really got a great feeling about Cadbury and I can't wait to watch all of his adventures growing up at the farm.

Talking about growing up, have you seen Benedict the goose this week? I can't believe how much he's grown at almost the same size as Giggle the Chinese goose. It's great to see these two step in and lead the way at rush hour while Cuthbert the goose continues to enjoy his time out. We of course miss Cuthbert at rush hour, as many of you do, but his happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing to us after struggling with his moult and having fought with our noisy geese, so we'll let him enjoy his break for now.

We have some more new additions who we look forward to joining the rush hour soon as well, some new runner ducks. There are six runner ducks who came to us after needing a new home, they've been named by our rush hour live regulars and I'll hopefully get some pictures soon. We'll be letting the new ducks out of their initial enclosure now we know they are well and we hope Emmerson, Lake and Palmer will enjoy having five new ladies to impress. It's going to be a great sight to see even more runner ducks rushing out the door in the mornings ready for breakfast. We've also let Mr Honk the goose out into the farm to explore for the first time this morning, we'll be keeping a close watch to see how he gets on with the other geese.

Collecting Teddy

It's been a really warm week at the farm as well, I've been jealous of how cool it's been in the farm house. In the warmer weather it's really important to help our animals keep cool so we've been giving the animals extra water and of course offering our emus a shower. I'm always amazed at how much our emus enjoy water, they really do love it and could probably stand under the water for hours if we let them.

Another essential job to keep our animals cool is shearing our sheep and we had a local sheep shearer in on Monday. Most of our sheep are used to the process, so they're really relaxed and actually quite happy to have their summer cut. It's funny to see them without their fleece, especially Bumblebee, but it'll soon grow back and be ready to keep our sheep warm again in the autumn.

We're also working really hard behind the scenes of the farm to bring more funds in and get you a little bit closer to our animals. We now have a form for you to request your own personal shoutout video so you can have your very own message straight from the farm in exchange for a donation. We have so much fun creating these videos for you and can't thank you all enough for the amazing feedback. We're also working on some great merchandise options and if you're interested in what we're developing, don't forget to fill out our feedback form to let us know what you'd like most. Plus we are planning to start arranging some social distancing tours of the farm to let you meet the animals, so if you're interested drop me a message and I'll let you know dates as soon as we have them confirmed, they will only be held on Saturdays to begin with.

Last but not least, I apologise in advance if I am a little slower in getting back to your messages over the next few days, but I have a new distraction. Yesterday Casey and I welcomed Teddy (one of Smudge's kittens) to our home and although it's only been around 24 hours, we couldn't be happier. Our little girl Teddy has settled in amazingly well, she's been eating, sleeping, playing and most importantly, enjoying our company. If you want to follow her adventures check out her instagram account (@TeddytheSmudgelet) or follow her sister Coral's adventures at the farm on the main CaenhillCC accounts, I'll tell you more about Coral next week.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey


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