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Team together again with our little stars

To be honest I don't even know where to begin this week. There's been radio, press, lots of work for the team and we're on the countdown to Easter and our feature on Countryfile. Though, hopefully a good place to start is by saying welcome to any new followers or supporters out there who've found us through the coverage this week.

We knew Taz would be a star, but we honestly didn't expect the arrival of our little emu to be making the news. A huge thank you to Tom for such amazing pictures making their way across the internet and showing the harmony we are lucky enough to have amongst our animal team. Plus a big thank you to Jonathan for a lovely video which we are so honoured to have seen on the BBC's most watched video list on their news pages. We might not currently be able to take in the animals we've been offered needing a home, or answer all of the questions we've received following the coverage, we're just a small team trying to focus on education, but we are so thrilled that our unusual friends have brought so many smiles this week.

Taz the emu and Alfred the kid goat didn't stop at online news either, they joined the breakfast show on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Wednesday. Thank you to Karen from the team for letting Chris and Caroline go live online at the same time as joining the radio show, it was a great watch. There's been talk on a brief television sighting, but that's yet to be confirmed. Plus they got to spend some time with myself and farmer Casey. Ok, I'm sure that last one wasn't such a big deal for our celebrities, but farmer Casey completely loves our new arrivals and is very keen to build a friendship with Taz.

After a whirlwind week with our little stars, it's hard to believe that we still have the feature I'm most excited about still to come, Countryfile.

When it comes to Countryfile, it holds different memories for both myself and Chris, and my own memories are certainly chats with my Grampy (Chris' Dad). He could spend hours talking to me about farming and one topic I remember coming up a lot is Countryfile. He'd always be ready waiting to watch their weather report, he'd talk to me about features and every year tell me that my dad (Chris) should be submitting photos for the Countryfile calendar.

Although I'm pretty sure my Grampy would be questioning some of the farm animals we have and maybe some of Chris' ideas, I'm hoping he would still have been proud to see a feature on Countryfile with his son, and potentially his great grandson. It might not be the Countryfile calendar just yet, but he was certainly in our thoughts.

A happy farmer Casey with his new friend Taz

Our short feature will be aired on the Easter Sunday edition of Countryfile, so just next week now, and we can't wait to see what Matt has put together. We honestly have no idea what the final edit looks like, Chris and Caroline spent so much time with Matt and Lucille from the show when they came to see us that we know they will have been spoiled for footage. I'm sure it will be a great insight into the farm though and hopefully they will come back again when times are a little more normal.

With all of this activity going on you might wonder how we might be able to follow this over the next week or so, but don't worry, we have plans. We of course have more videos on the way showing our baby animals growing and hopefully our older animals heading back out into the fields, which they are going to be so excited about. Both Caroline and myself have created new calendars which run from April which are available right now from a new supplier and there will be even more merchandise on the way. Then there's the rush hour.

That's right, this week the rush hour will make it's return. We've had confirmation that the avian flu lockdown is now coming to a close and our bird will be allowed outdoors again. They will be back foraging, ducking under our fence out to the fields, climbing pooh mountain and most importantly, rushing out of our iconic door. The first rush hour will be on Wednesday this week with special coverage a little later than usual at 10:10 am (BST), we hope you'll tune in or catch-up with us when you can. We'll keep you posted through the usual channels if anything changes.

That should be all for this week, I've struggled to keep up, but I'll hope that's all and end with a couple of thank yous. This week I'd firstly like to say thank you to our patreons for sticking with us for another month. Each and every patreon donating regularly to us to support our animals is so very much appreciated, we couldn't keep our project going without you. We're always thinking of ways to say thank you, but one thing is for sure, we'll keep the exclusive content coming. Secondly, a huge thank you to the team at Warp Point for working with us to develop our quiz and bringing together a set of questions for this evening. Registration is now open for our quiz at 7pm (BST) this evening and all proceeds will go straight back to supporting our project. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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