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Weekly Roundup 3 May 2020

Giggle making new friends

Hello, I hope you've all had a good week. Despite the changeable weather we've had here in Wiltshire, Casey and I had good a one. I've been moving Casey up to a big boy's bed, so I'm sorry I've been a little slower to reply to your shutouts over the last few days, we've just been updating his room to try and tempt him to stay in there longer between a few exhausting nights. Apparently he wants both dinosaurs and tractors on his walls, so it could be interesting. At the farm Chris and Caroline have been doing some decorating of their own this week too and their focus is the cabin. They really need a better space to work on the many ideas they have, progress is going well and Casey and I will hopefully be able to add some dinosaurs and tractors too on our return.

Before being able to focus on the studio, Chris and Helie had a lot of work to do to prepare for the rain that came in this week. There were fences to maintain for our sheep and our goats needed some shelter in their new summer homes. Thanks to some amazing help from the farm neighbours the goats were all able to keep warm and dry this week, while Daisy the cow tried out her fencing skills.

It was a big week for Giggle the gosling and Caroline as at two weeks old, Giggle has moved in with some our ducklings full time. Thankfully Giggle has settled in really well and has a strong bond with his duckling friends already, he's even taken to looking after them. Make sure you check out the videos on @CaenhillCC, especially the mini rush hour. Before the big move Giggle and Caroline had a great week with Giggle's first rush hour, first experience of rain and some Olympic training, check out Caroline's social media for more.

Of course, I can't talk about geese without updating you on Cuthbert who's been a bit lethargic due to his annual molt. Despite Gilbert picking a fight, he's looking to take the top goose spot, Cuthbert is doing good with Chris taking care of him. Hopefully Cuthbert will be back to full health soon and once the breeding season is over at the end of this month our geese will all be friends again.

Talking of friends, our pigs Trigger and Marlene finally met this week. I think it's fair to say Trigger was more enthusiastic about the meeting than Marlene, I can't remember ever seeing Trigger so chatty. We don't see any piglets on the cards for the pair, I don't even think it's possible, but they might be friends one day. There might be chance of a romance for Mr Scarecrow though, so keep watching to see what happens with him and Haybella and find out what trouble our youngest scarecrow Hemlock brings. 

But, the biggest news of this week has to be Alfie having her kittens, they arrived on Tuesday morning. I'm pleased to report that the mum and babies are all doing well and Alfie is getting some extra food from Chris. We do neuter cats at the farm but recently our focus has been the feral cats arriving. Thankfully we know Alfie is a fantastic mum and will let Chris take great care of her and her babies until they are old enough to move onto new homes. We're sharing updates on Alfie and her kittens with our patreons as a way to say a very big thank you.

A very big thank you to our patreons from Casey and myself as well, every single one of you makes such a difference to our project. We're so honoured to have patreons of our own too, we currently volunteer to support the farm, but to know that you believe in all of the work we do means so much. We have the most amazing people following the farm, and every donation and kind message means a lot to us all at the farm as well.

Before I leave you for another week, I just wanted to update you on our live feeds as we've had to reduce them this week. Unfortunately it's been too busy to keep up with the twice daily live feeds with the day to day feedings, essential maintenance, and general running of the farm with such a small team. We really don't have any extra help behind the scenes for the moment other than myself and Casey sharing photos and helping with your messages and shoutouts. We'll be sure to bring you live feeds when we can and we hope to see some of the familiar faces there who have kept us going, and hopefully a few new faces too.

Until next time, keep safe.

Kara and Casey

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