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Casey and I meeting Carrot

It's been a busy end to the school term at the farm with the weather picking up and work to do to keep our animals happy and healthy outside. Hopefully though, with next week being half term for our school placements the team will get some well deserved rest. There's never really a proper break when working with animals, they always need care, but the chance to sit down a little more and maybe even have a nice drink is alway welcome when possible.

Even with all of the hard work though, Chris and Helie took time out from the farm to support me and they even brought a bit of the farm with them. Yes, they really did bring one of the animals with them to my house along with some gifts from some lovely friends of our farm. It was just the boost we all needed now I'm faced with looking after two boys in the week on my own. I'm not sure Carrot the gosling was quite a fan of the cat Casey took home from the farm last year, Teddy, but there was plenty of water and some grass to munch on so hopefully Carrot went home happy. Casey certainly had an afternoon to remember and hopefully we'll visit Carrot at the farm soon.

It's not all trips out with goslings though because as I mentioned, the weather is improving. While good weather is a great thing and allows us to give our animals more freedom in outdoor areas, there's a lot of work behind it. Fences need to be checked and repaired, new areas created and health checks carried out, especially on our sheep. There is a reward to all of the hard work though, with a smaller feed round, less bedding to sort and, of course, happy animals. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, getting the work done is so much easier when it's a team effort.

Between all of the farm work we've been working on things for you, our supporters, as well. We're still developing content for our Dotty Club YouTube channel for our younger viewers. Keep a look out for the Dotty image created by Caroline live yesterday for future club use. We've got new signs up around the farm thanks to Chris and new team member Loren. These not only look great, they're helpful during visits to the farm as well, both in person and virtually. Plus we're really excited to share some new merchandise for all aspects of the farm, a big thank you to Loren and Maddie for working with us on this. There will be new items later in the year, I have a few ideas and I'm sure the rest of the team do too, but we're really happy with the new range of merchandise and we just hope you like it too. Don't forget to share your pictures with us of any merchandise you might have or buy at any point, we love to see a bit of the farm in your homes.

Then there's our animals, the part of the farm that keeps us the busiest, but all are taken great care of thanks to our patreon's support. We have our geese growing up and we were surprised to find out that our little Banana is actually a sebastopol goose just like Wiggle. That means we just have Apple who's a Chinese crested swan goose for now. They're all a welcome addition to our gaggle of geese whatever breed they are, although none of them will be quite like our Cuthbert who would have been five this week. He might not be with us anymore but he's certainly never forgotten.

Going back to growing up, lambs Keith and Ruby have finished their lamblac feeds, Casey's really going to miss making up their milk. They are growing well though and are eating well now so it's certainly time to stop the bottles. They'll look a part of our main flock in no time. While they are edging out to the field though, our cows are back in. Hopefully not for long, they just found a way out to Chris' garden. We'll be working on their fence to get them back out in the sunshine as and when we can. At least Coco and Eli are out enjoying the sun now their paddock has had a chance to dry.

I think that's the main news so I'll sign off with a thank you to our recent visitors. Due to the nature of our work at the farm we don't have many slots available for visits, but we open our gates for planned tours when possible. We've had a few visitors over the last few weekends and they've all been fantastic. Thank you to them all for their kindness and willingness to get stuck in and help out, they've made the visits enjoyable for Chris and I've loved hearing about you all. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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