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An icy morning with BBC Radio Wiltshire (photo by Chris)

What a week it's been at the farm, it feels like we've been through all of the seasons with snow, ice, rain, sun and wind. Thankfully it's definitely starting so look a little more like Spring though with the first buds appearing and more births on the horizon.

Despite looking forward to everything that Spring brings, the highlight for Casey and I this week was definitely the snow. At home we had the fun of introducing our cat Teddy to the snow, building a snowman and distanced snowball fights with neighbours. While at the farm there were a whole host of different reactions, from ducks who refused to move from the snow fall, to a lot of our other birds refusing to head outside and Oreo the dog who absolutely loved every minute of it. Coco and Eli even had a little snow adventure of their own too with a short break from the barn.

As beautiful as the snow and ice is, it does mean extra work with plenty of water to defrost and extra feed needed for our sheep. At least it's worth all of the effort to see the animals exploring in the snow and we certainly have to make the most of it as we never know how long it might take to come back. I'm so pleased Chris and Caroline had a short break to explore too.

Before all of the snow melted we welcomed local radio station, BBC Radio Wiltshire, to the farm early on Monday for their breakfast show. It was great to hear Chris, Helie and Caroline back on air again and this time it was all about Spring. The station has recently launched their spring bingo, so it was the perfect excuse to introduce the listeners to our little lambs.

Talking of lambs, the team have had a slight break from lambing this week with only one new addition marking volunteer Michelle's Birthday yesterday (at the time of writing this anyway). It was a difficult birth for part of our Wiltshire Horn flock, but mum and baby boy are currently doing well. I'm sure we'll have a few more lambs before long and I'm keeping everything crossed for some easy births so that Chris can get some more sleep before our kid goats start to arrive and once our orphan lambs, Clayton and Gru, are needing less bottles.

Yes, as cute as orphan lambs are, they really are a commitment. They need feeding throughout the day and night meaning Chris has broken sleep and bottles to contend with in addition to the far more appealing day feeds. Thankfully lambs start to take on some solid food after a couple of weeks, so we'll be able to increase the time between feeds to get Chris some well deserved extra rest before too long. Hopefully anyway.

Our lamb team, Chris and Caroline (photo by Chris)

With all of the extra hours in the barn, the animals are getting a lot of checks at the moment and one development that was really exciting this week was one of our emus sat on their eggs. Unfortunately the excitement hasn't lasted as long as we'd like with some of the eggs not sat on and the emus are a bit undecided about sitting on them some days. It is their first breeding season though, so we won't get too disappointed. We can't make them sit on their eggs, so we'll just take their lead, maybe it's seeing Chris doing all the night feeds for our baby lambs putting our emus off having babies of their own.

In between all of the work this week, we had a couple of special Birthdays to celebrate as well. Our volunteer Michelle celebrated her Birthday yesterday and still came to the farm to help with the rounds and cleaning out, of course there had to be a bit of dancing included for good measure. While our latest team member Claire celebrated her Birthday on Friday and again, she still came to the farm to help care for our animals and clean up our stores. Unfortunately we can't invite more of you to celebrate your Birthdays with us at the moment, but don't forget that you can request a shoutout at any time through our website. It doesn't even have to be for a Birthday, any request within reason goes, all we ask in return is that you support our project in some way.

If you want more from the farm, don't forget to look out for our afternoon live sessions. We don't have a schedule for these at the moment because sometimes lambing and the weather can limit our availability, but you can always watch again on Twitter and Facebook. Plus over on YouTube, you can subscribe to our Caenhill Countryside Centre channel to ensure you catch our live feed cameras. The feed is unmonitored so your comments won't be picked up, but it's great to watch the animals going about daily life on the farm.

That's it for another week, but before I sign off I just want to say a big thank you to our Patreons. We're all so honoured that our Patreons donate each month to keep our farm running and our animals fed. The regular income their support gives us, no matter what they donate, really does help and in return we're working on even more special content to give back. We hope you enjoy, thanks all for being there, you are amazing. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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