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Rush hour with Chris and Casey

What a week it's been at the farm again, it seems that the unusual friendship of Taz the baby emu, Alfred the kid goat and Wiggle the gosling is capturing hearts all over the world. They've been in the press again, on the television but most importantly, hanging out in our barn together with more to come.

When I see our trio together it really is the most beautiful interaction to watch, well, before Wiggle notices my hair and plays hairdresser. Despite all of them being so different and growing at different speeds, they really do look to each other for comfort and play. What an amazing lesson they are teaching our students who are able to keep up with the farm online until they can return. Plus, just as I thought it couldn't get any cuter, they have a new friend who's joined the group this week, Petite the lamb.

That's right, we have lambs again. Our first lambs of the year are getting really grown up and Clayton and Gru are looking for grass to eat rather than a bottle of milk, but now we're back to having some little bouncing babies again. Both Snowy and Tiddler had the smallest little lambs on Tuesday taking after our French ram Henri and there were even more arrivals yesterday. While all of the babies are currently happily staying with their mums, the first couple are both struggling to produce milk so Tiddler's twins are having top up feeds and Snowy's little baby Petite is having all bottle feeds.

It's a really demanding job for Chris, especially with the rest of the farm to take care of, but as he's already awake at all hours feeding Petite, along with Alfred and Mickey the kid goats, he's kindly welcomed an orphan lamb from another farm. Who needs sleep anyway. After a day of building tents in the hay barn with Casey, Chris welcomed little lamb Ruby to the farm. He's had to work with her on feeding, which I am sure was exhausting after running around with our little farmer, but after some extra attention she's settling in really well.

While the lambs and kid goats playing have brought a bit of extra life to the farm, we've of course been missing our birds around the front of our farm, in the fields and on pooh mountain. Thankfully though, we had our last few days of our birds being locked in the barn this week as the bird flu restrictions were lifted on Thursday. It might have been April Fools Day but it was certainly no joke and on Thursday morning Chris and Caroline filmed the first Rush Hour especially for our Patreons as a thank you for all of their support.

A happy Giggle and Caroline at rush hour

We couldn't leave it at just a special Patreon rush hour though, so on Good Friday we returned with our first rush hour live in months. I really do mean 'we' this time as well, because for the first ever time I joined Chris and Caroline for the rush hour as well. It's always been something I wanted to be a part of, but life looking after Farmer Casey made it difficult. This time however, nothing was going to keep me away when the invite came in from Chris and I even got to bring my little farmer along with me.

I don't know whether it was seeing the birds rushing out of our barn door for the first time in months, or just being at rush hour in person, but whatever it was, it felt like such a special occasion. The energy from our animals was amazing, the sun tried its best to make a good appearance and all of our media team were there with you, our followers, again at last to start your day in the best way we know how. A big thank you to everyone who joined us live, it was fantastic to have you as a part of it all.

As I mentioned earlier, it was April Fools this week and I want to say thank you to Chris for letting me be a part of the CaenhillCC April Fools jokes. Unfortunately for Coco and Eli, the carrot tree wasn't real, but they still had lots of carrot treats so I'm sure they aren't complaining. Plus, they enjoyed being in the spotlight again with us having so many baby animals to feature. While the reality tv show, Farming Outside On Live TV was also a joke. Sorry if you were looking forward to applying for 10 nights in our barn with Chris and Caroline. You can still sign up for tours from later this month on our website though, so you can still meet the animals without having to share a bed with one of our roosters.

Of course, it's Easter weekend as well and I hope whether you celebrate Easter itself, or not, you are having a fantastic weekend. For us at the farm it's meant that I can visit for the first time with my little family with a few restrictions being eased in the U.K, I just wish we could help a little more with it being so busy. While most importantly for the project, it's finally the weekend we appear on Countryfile.

You might be reading this after the show and if you are, I really hope you enjoyed it. If you're reading before the show though, I really hope you can watch along with us. We really have no idea what the final edit will look like, so we're eagerly awaiting the small feature just like you. Countryfile is on at 6pm (BST) this evening (4 April) on BBC1.

It's been a good Easter weekend for animals as well. We've had some great sunshine for our birds' first few days out, our beautiful goat Margot has had a baby boy (which I'll tell you more about next time as I only found out while writing), plus our cows passed their TB test. Despite our farm being predominantly for education, we still have all of the essential farm work to take care of which includes annual TB testing. Though our own cows won't be going off to market, it is a requirement that any cattle, no matter size of herd or farm, have a minimum of one test a year. It's always such a relief to get a clear result.

Phew, that's a lot of news, so I will certainly leave it there. If you want more though you can catch up with us on social media any time, sponsor our animals on Patreon for exclusive videos, and even buy some brand new merchandise created by myself and Caroline including calendars starting from this month. For now though I'll say a big thank you to everyone for all of the Easter wishes, we're wishing you a super Easter too. Plus a big thank you to Margot for Chris' much needed Easter present, it's very much appreciated. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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