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Casey joins Chris for some filming

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly started and while I am at home defending my tree from Teddy attacks (turns out my kitten is a pretty good tree climber) the farm is getting more prepared for the festivities too. We've not only got our pallet Christmas tree joining us across the live feeds and rush hour (who I think will last longer than my tree) but we've got a countdown of our own and more in store because we really want to share this special season with you all.

We would have loved to have sent you chocolates to countdown with, but unfortunately it wasn't possible, so instead we've got an advent countdown over on the YouTube extended rush hour. Every morning we're revealing a character from the little red bag you've probably seen on the rush hour door and this character will have a very special name. It'll either be named after the winner of the guessing games we play over on the YouTube live rush hour, or one of our team of supporters who help across our social media channels. We'll have 24 characters at the end who will be creating what I'm sure will be a very amusing Christmas race.

If racing, or being up in time for rush hour live isn't for you, then hopefully our pantomime is. Thanks to Dave and Amelia the stage is in place in the dry of our barn, we can never be sure what the British weather might throw at us, and now all we need to do is sort the finishing touches. Keep a look out for the stage appearing across our videos soon, what they've created is incredible and we can't thank them enough.

As building isn't quite my expertise, and when at the farm I always forget that extra pair of socks to keep my toes toasty and warm, I've been busy in the warm at home instead. The most exciting project I can tell you about for now is the CaenhillCC animal diary which is available on our store. It's just like my cat diary, but this one is dedicated to Cuthbert so features the animals he knew best or spent his last days with as well as Cuthbert himself.

I'm not the only one creating something dedicated to Cuthert though, our very own Caroline has released a special calendar too. A huge well done to Caroline for putting her calendar together, she pushed herself out of her comfort zone and posed amongst our sunflowers bearing her shoulders. I'm sure Cuthbert would be proud of Caroline for putting her calendar out there despite how nervous she was. Proceeds from both the calendar and diary will be put towards our special pond area we're creating in Cuthbert's memory. Don't forget to order yours as soon as possible if you'd like one for Christmas.

Setting up the new guinea pig house with Chris, Caroline and Casey

If you don't manage to get our merchandise or a Christmas shoutout in before Christmas Day, don't panic. We've got more amazing ideas we'll be sharing in the new year and we're always happy to help with your Birthday shoutouts.

Before we start working on our new ideas we've got some very important work to do with our birds. You might have heard there are some cases of bird flu around in the UK and while we've started taking precautions we'll soon have to lock our birds in. As much as we'll miss the birds roaming free around the farm, we need to follow these guidelines as they have been put in place for the birds' own safety. It'll also mean a few changes to our daily videos, but I'm sure we'll find some fun new ways to bring your favourite farm birds to you.

While we've been busy working our animals have been busy in their own way and one animal that I've been super impressed with this week is Oreo. Chris had been working so hard with him to settle Oreo into farm life and his efforts are really paying off. We aren't quite ready to have Oreo at rush hour just yet, but he's spending a lot more time around the farm and I'm sure once the weather is kinder to us you'll see our lovely dog Oreo a little more.

Oreo isn't the only one getting used to a new home, our guinea pigs are too. No, they haven't left us, they've just got an amazing new house in our rescue area. Thanks to our volunteer Claire for sourcing it, and local lady Sarah for donating it. The guinea pigs have loads more space, a nice cosy bedroom and a picket fence, now I've convinced Casey to move out of their house that is.

As for Devon and Dorset, they haven't had their full house house move just yet as they've missed their mum, but we're hoping they'll make an appearance in the barn before Christmas and maybe for our pantomime. Though for now we've still got our bucket loving sheep Bumblebee joining us a little more often and escape artist Margot the goat helping Chris on his rounds.

As always, I hope that's the main news because for now I'm leaving you with a thank you. This week I'd like to say thank you to Cathy in Australia for getting up early to join us live on Friday night, or Saturday morning for Cathy (don't forget to let us know if you'd like to join live), and for her support. Cathy has been joining us live, supporting the project and sending wonderful things from our wish list for a while and we are so very grateful. Thanks for all you do Cathy, it was wonderful to say thank you in person at last, even if it was through a screen.

Until next time, keep safe,

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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