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Happy memories with Casey and Grampy at the farm together

I've been missing the farm and working with the team during lockdown, but this week I've been missing it even more. Not only because the lambs have been really playful, but also because I've missed a couple of Birthdays to celebrate with them as well. I had my other half's Birthday at the beginning of the week and our very own farmer Casey's third Birthday yesterday. It's been Birthday central here and I'm starting to look a bit like a Birthday cake myself.

Of course Casey would have loved to have been at the farm celebrating the day with Chris, Helie, Caroline, the animals and all of you, but it's not been possible with current restrictions. We didn't let that stop our fun though, we were lucky enough to catch a live feed on Facebook with Chris and Caroline, we had some video chats and even had a special farm shoutout. The best bit is, if you have a special Birthday coming up soon too you don't have to be related for Chris for your very own shoutout, you just need to fill out our shoutout form and leave the rest to us. We're even creating some extra special Valentines shoutouts, though I will warn you, time is running out to book yours so don't hesitate to get yours in now. If you're still looking for love though, fear not, we'll of course be posting some fun videos with our animals on the day to share some smiles with you all.

As well as shoutouts, we're always looking at ways to give you that little bit extra of the farm whether that's through the content we create, our Patreon specials or more recently, merchandise and I can't believe I didn't tell you about Caroline's latest offering sooner. Her Clayton and Gru merchandise.

Feeling inspired by our adorable lambs at the farm, Caroline captured the perfect picture of our orphan pair to illustrate and the result is fantastic. The very cute image is not only featured on Caroline's social media channels, but on a set of merchandise too. If you get in early, there might even be the perfect Valentine's gift.

We can't leave all the merchandise to Caroline though, she's a busy lady, so following on from our calendars, myself, Chris and Casey are still working on merchandise options as well. Though we unfortunately had to cut ties with the printers used to produce our photo calendars, we're still keen to find the right printers for us to keep our ideas alive and of course give you the fantastic service you deserve. I can't wait to tell you more another time, though for now it's certainly time for me to put this lockdown to good use and get everything in place.

Casey requested a green cat cake

Of course everything we create is not only to share some more smiles with you, but to support our animals too, so thank you for being there. Our farm wouldn't be here without you and we've been especially blown away by the support you've given to help raise our orphan lambs Clayton and Gru. You might not be able to be here to take over the night feeds, but our lambs are growing well with you helping to provide the lamb lac they need.

Other than the regular night feeds, it's been quiet on the lamb front this week. Our little lamb Happy, named by a fantastic girl called Skye, is doing well after Chris feared him dead during the birth last Saturday. We've now named his mum Skye and we honestly can't believe how well the pair are doing after being so exhausted from the birth itself. We've only had one more birth following Happy's arrival, twin boys born yesterday and thankfully it was far easier for Chris and the sheep. We're still expecting more lambs so keep a lookout on our pages for news.

Elsewhere it appears that our sheep have been wearing Chris' glasses. He lost them a few months ago now and ended up getting a new pair, though while out giving the sheep some extra feed the glasses just appeared. Yes, right in the middle of the field. They are a bit chewed, probably where Polly has been trying to put them on, but otherwise a good spare pair for the next time Chris' glasses disappear. He didn't need his glasses to spot that Benedict is a girl though. There hasn't been an egg just yet, so let's just say Benedict and Mr Honk were getting a little more friendly.

Of course the most exciting news from the past week or so has been Bowie's displays. Now that he's over two he's become a mature peacock and has his first full tail full of feathers which is beautiful. He's tried to display before but didn't have the tail feathers to impress but this year it's going to be different. We'll have to wait and see how Duran gets on with some competition for the ladies, but for now he's not bothered as there's a little more time until breeding season starts.

That's all for this week so I just want to finish with a couple of quick thank yous. Firstly a big thank you to everyone from Casey for all of the Birthday wishes, he felt very special indeed to have so many well wishes from across the world. Also a big thank you for the lovely messages in your shoutout requests this week, it makes my task so much more fun and I love sharing your messages with the team. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy


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