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Thank you Claire for all of your hard work this week.

This week has most definitely been the week of the peacock. Since Chris captured a stunning slow motion of Duran doing his shimmy for the ladies, the response has been more than we could have ever imagined. We've had the video shared across more accounts than anyone could keep count of, some duets on TikTok from across the world and most importantly, more followers to share our work with. Thank you to everyone who's joined us, because as special as this farm is, we wouldn't be here without such fantastic support.

The video star, Duran the peacock, has been at our farm for a number of years after being given to us by the estate of John Taylor from the one and only Duran Duran. We've since had a few new additions to our group who we keep safely in their own enclosure as peacocks are known to roam. So, despite all of the phone calls, it wasn't our peacock seen out and about in the Devizes area, our birds aren't quite the escape artists like Coco and Eli. The peacock did swing by to give us a visit though, he must have heard about Duran going viral and wanted to get his own 15 minutes of fame.

Despite all of the craziness online giving us all a bit of a challenge to keep up, Chris and Helie actually took a slight break this week. Ok, Chris was still having to keep a check of his phone and needed to post throughout the day, but they joined us for the first time to see my sister and her family since September. Hopefully Chris had a wonderful time having all four grandsons together for the first time, but unfortunately for him I think these visits are only going to get more exhausting. At least we had some more gentle company with Carrot the gosling and Happy the duckling joining the visit too making farmer Casey's day. Chris really is always taking his work with him, whether it's sorting videos or taking care of his animals.

Back on home territory, Chris had a few extra visitors this week with our placements being a little quieter with schools on holidays. Thanks to everyone for their kindness this week and bringing the sunshine along with them. We're getting booked up so if you'd like to visit don't forget to give us plenty of notice. Plus there were a few extra volunteers, thank you Nicky and Rosemary for returning to continue your painting, hopefully I'll join you one day. Don't forget that if you're local and an adult you can contact us to find out more about our Friday evening volunteers club.

Back to the animals and I can't believe I am saying we have some more kittens at the farm, thank you Claire for all the care you've given them. We weren't expecting kittens this year after some amazing support to get all of our cats neutered last year. Our volunteers even braved catching the wildest of cats and their sharp claws to stop our cat population growing. Obviously the news of how happy our cats are now has spread though, attracting in a mum and her kittens. Thankfully the kittens will all go to new homes soon (even more thankful they aren't heading to my home) while we focus on looking after the older cats.

Chris takes his work wherever he goes.

Elsewhere though, it's still all about the babies. Chris is spending more time with our baby emus Taz and Chip, they are having more time around the farm while Rodney and Del get to know our sheep a little better out in the field. It's still early days so we don't know how they'll all get along, but thankfully our bigger emus aren't going to argue with a sunny day outside with plenty of space to run. We've got Apple and Banana the goslings spending more time around the farm and in the barn too as they are graduating from the nursery pen. They're just getting so big now, but are still happiest following Chris on his daily rounds.

Our latest ducklings are having some swim time while our volunteers work on their names. There are a few to name now, I'll never remember them all with baby brain going on, but we'll be picking names out of a hat. Hopefully I'll at least remember a few to bring to you next time. Not wanting to be left out, Giggle is hoping to bring some babies to the farm as well. She's been sitting on eggs and now it's just a case of sitting back and seeing if they hatch.

That's the main news for this week, so I'll sign off with a thank you as usual. This week I want to say thank you to Sarah and Noor, two of our online volunteers. They've had their work cutout for them with all the extra online interest this week, but their support has been amazing. They answer your questions, support during live streams and know so many of you who follow us. Despite the distance between us all they've become a part of our team and we're so pleased to have them. 

Until next time keep safe.

Kara, Casey and Teddy 


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